Diving into the pre-Christmas promo-palooza!

Christmas is one week away and retailers are hoping you’ll continue to take advantage of their pre-holiday promos! There are lots of fantastic special offers at the moment, many of which are ending today or tomorrow. In many cases retailers are offering free shipping upgrades too to make sure your items arrive in time to make it under the tree.

So far, I’ve done pretty well. The only package that missed its Hanukkah arrival deadline was from Amazon of all places (!!) and missed making it up to my Mom’s this past weekend by several hours. Luckily, we’d already gotten most of her stuff and she was very understanding. It’s put me in a slightly anxious position of making sure all my Christmas stuff is ordered by tomorrow so it makes it here to our Brooklyn home before we head out to Sag Harbor for Christmas.

Here’s a look at three promos I’m shopping heavily right now.

We start with Anthropologie, where today is the last day to get 25% off your purchase and Free Shipping on all orders too (furniture is subject to an additional delivery fee that is not waived). I’m highly annoyed at Anthro right now because I ordered several pieces of jewelry as gifts and most of what arrived required an exchange. The Ecliptic Opal Post Earrings ($32 + 25% off) were missing a stone; the Rosaleen Front-Back Hoop Earrings ($48 + 25% off) have weird black specs in the top stone. It’s SO annoying — and I paid to upgrade the shipping speed, which you can bet I’m asking customer service to refund now that I have to go to a store to exchange them.

But I do have several gift wins, like the Zodiac Trinket Dish ($14 + 25%) which was a huge hit at one of my friend gift exchanges last week; the Oleanna Dessert Plates ($16/ea + 25% off) that went to a friend who entertains frequently and whose kids loved the patterns; the Thoma Clutch & Tote Bag ($88 + 25% off) that I received in the black + leopard and looooove; the Boulangerie Candle Gift Set ($38 + 25% off) which I gave to a friend who is constantly fighting the smell of cats in her apartment — even though she doesn’t own any herself!!; the Gilded Botany Mugs ($16/ea + 25% off) which were gifted and then immediately used at a friends’ home; the French Girl Organics Sea Spray ($12 + 25% off) that was the most sought-after and traded-for gift in our office White Elephant gift exchange (I also really like this hair spray and this face refresher spray); and the always-popular Mini Latte Bowl Set ($12 + 25% off).

I’m also very much looking forward to wearing the Astronomy Swing Dress ($228 + 25% off) and the Mira Velvet Wrap Dress ($268 + 25% off) to family holiday events this week.

Over at Madewell, you can also take 25% off your purchase with the code ADDTOCART. This has led me to lots of goodies both for myself and as gifts, like the Crushed Velvet Mini Skirt ($98 + 25% off), shown above with the Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Baker Plaid ($82 + 25% off) and my beloved Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket ($498, excluded from promo).

Other delights at Madewell right now for me include the Silk Flutter-Hem Dress in Star Mix ($148 + 25% off), which I’m wearing at least twice this week for holiday gatherings (it comes in a shirt version too!), the beautiful Warmlight V-Neck Pullover Sweater ($70 + 25% off) and the Simple Crossbody Bag, which makes a great gift in either leather ($98 + 25% off) or shearling ($108 + 25% off).

J. Crew is offering 40% off select items with the code TIME2GIVE. My favorite buy there recently is the Double Bow Sweatshirt ($70) above, which is unfortunately excluded from the promo, but there are goodies included like the Thomas Mason® for J.Crew Tuxedo Shirt ($138 + 40% off); and the Ribbed Turtleneck in Everyday Cashmere ($168 + 40% off) and the the V-Neck Sweater in Supersoft Yarn ($70 + 40% off). Other items excluded from the promo that are delightful are the Signet bag in Italian leather ($128) and the New York Sweatshirt ($50).

What promos are you shopping today? What have been your recent gift wins?


  1. Stefanie
    December 18, 2017 / 10:24 am

    Scored a popback of the embroidered hooded sweatshirt by akemi kin at anthro and it shipped. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it when it arrives bc as usual the model is in weird poses in every picture of it.
    Bought some jewelry as gifts too!

    • December 18, 2017 / 11:50 am

      Nice Stefanie!! Want to hear what you think of the sweatshirt when it arrives.

      • Stefanie
        December 19, 2017 / 10:32 pm

        Hoodie came today-the embroidery is beautiful. It’s def. on the shorter side but I’m keeping it. I’m a 12/14 with my hips being the largest part and it fits nicely around them. The Terry is thick! I wish it had another inch or 2 but it’s ok. And yes the sleeves bell out but not horribly so and I’ll prob roll them up anyway so they don’t bother me.

  2. Katie
    December 18, 2017 / 1:03 pm

    A bit off topic, but does anyone know if Ann Taylor ever includes suiting in their promos? I need an interview suit for January and I keep hoping to buy the one I want during one of these holiday promos, but it has NEVER been included. Suits are included at Banana and JCrew but they do not fit as well or look as sharp imo.

    • December 19, 2017 / 9:05 am

      I asked a blogger friend who covers Ann Taylor and she says not that she knows of — sorry!

      • Katie
        December 19, 2017 / 6:36 pm

        Thank you for checking Roxy!

  3. Anthropolitan
    December 18, 2017 / 4:12 pm

    I'm done Christmas shopping, both for me and for people who are not me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    But I do have to share the deal I got at Anthro this weekend. My store had a rack of full-priced boots that they were selling at 50% off, just to move stock. So I got these gorgeous Fryes at half off :https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/frye-stitched-campus-boots?category=wishlist&color=025&productId=AN-45161726-000&size=7&type=REGULAR

    I also picked this up in black. One of those things that looks like nothing online, but was really cute on. I brought it into the dressing room to try on with skirts, and I ended up getting it instead of the skirts. https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/michael-stars-

    Also, these are going in my stocking (because I dropped a gentle hint to my husband by buying them, handing them to him and saying "hey, put these in my stocking". Think he'll get the hint? 😉 )https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/dragonfruit-socks?category=wishlist&color=038&productId=AN-44172989-000&size=ALL&type=REGULAR

    If I do pick up one more thing it will be these Madewell earrings: https://www.madewell.com/browse/single_product_de

    • December 19, 2017 / 9:06 am

      Love all your pickups Anthropolitan!!

  4. Shari
    December 19, 2017 / 8:08 am

    Madewell has 30% off today. Probably won't get the items by Christmas but that is a really good % off for madewell.

    • December 19, 2017 / 9:06 am

      Oh my goodness I am totally shopping that!

  5. Suzanne
    December 19, 2017 / 8:36 am

    My faith in the existence of the illusive Anthro pop back of a treasure has been restored. I purchased Byron Lars' Lavenia Sheath Dress for $60, free shipping (original price $540) – it arrived brand new, still in the bag, and fits perfectly. Don't give up the hunt, fans of timeless, quality Anthro pieces!

    • December 19, 2017 / 9:06 am

      That’s amazing Suzanne! ?

  6. Chewy
    December 20, 2017 / 3:43 pm

    Roxy, do you think there will be a sale this weekend? I remember anthro moved things to sale on the 24th which is a sunday but every retailer this year has been pushing more promos earlier and since its thursday tomorrow, I feel like a sale is due. The last big markdown was about a month ago

    • December 20, 2017 / 3:45 pm

      Yes I am predicting another % off this weekend, especially since due to Christmas being on a Sunday eve/Monday this weekend should be a great opportunity for high in-store conversions!!

  7. Barb
    December 20, 2017 / 10:30 pm

    Just got a note that ANTHROPOLOGIE YORKDALE Mall is closing end of day December 31st. This is one of Canada’s largest and busiest shopping malls. Let’s just say every weekend is Christmas at YORKDALE judging by the parking lot. If ANTHROPOLOGIE can’t survive here it does not bode well for the rest of brick and mortar shops in Canada….(!)

  8. Lori
    December 23, 2017 / 1:40 pm

    There were a lot of new markdowns this morning, however many are now back to regular price. Maybe it was a hint at what will be marked down after Christmas. Lots from my wishlist hit sale, such as boots, sweaters, and winter accessories. The only thing I ordered was the Turia skirt, as I'm trying to buy a lot less this year. Anyway check your wishlists.

    • Denise_S
      December 23, 2017 / 2:55 pm

      I noticed that and went ahead and placed an order with the "sale" prices and assume as you did that it is a post Christmas markdown preview. I'm guessing we will see most of those items marked down again with a per cent off soon. I see a few sweaters and jackets are still newly marked down and apparently are getting an extra 25% off with the sweater promo. Virtually all cold weather accessories were showing this morning at exactly 50% off. I thought that was a new promo, but whatever it was, it is now gone. None of these markdowns are ringing up in the store, only online.

      • Stefanie
        December 23, 2017 / 4:16 pm

        Totally annoying bc I had planned to go to a store to purchase a hat and I just checked and now it’s not 50% off anymore.
        Get it together anthro!!!!
        I hope they honor those prices for you!!!!

        • Denise_S
          December 23, 2017 / 4:53 pm

          The discounted prices were still reflected on both my confirmation email and what I see on my credit card. None of the prices I saw this morning were in effect in the store, but I think we will see the sale prices again when they do the post Christmas markdowns. The 50% off winter accessories, however, seemed more like a promo. Maybe they will run it tomorrow? 'Tis the time of the year to keep checking!

    • Sarah
      December 23, 2017 / 4:57 pm

      I noticed that as well called customer service and they had no idea what happened even asked me if i was sure i looked correctly! Incredible!

      • annaclares
        December 23, 2017 / 6:12 pm

        Same. I reserved an item at the store at one price, went to go pick it up and it was a higher price! Assuming they go on sal tomorrow or Monday so I bought it anyway and will do a price adjustment…so many of my favorites were on sale!!!

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