The work shoes your closet (and feet) will thank you for!

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Walking over 10,000 steps a day is pretty common to city living, and as a result I tend to wear most of my work shoes very quickly. Although I do like to buy high-end shoes on occasion, most of my work shoes are under $100 and I’m happy if they last me two years. I tend to burn through heel pads and pointy toes regardles of how careful I am on NYC’s cobblestones and uneven sidewalks. This Fall I’m looking to replace several pairs of worn-out pumps and I’ve found some real delights on recent shopping trips!

When I’m looking for a good work shoe I have three criteria: they must have heels, they must be comfortable to walk around in, and they must work with many outfits. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to great a great work shoe.

With those criteria in mind here are 10 picks that I’ve tried on recently and love. (You’ll see some in upcoming OOTDs.) All shoes run true to size (TTS) unless otherwise noted.

ROW 1 ||
1 | Thilima Pump ($40) – With its low kitten heel and classic stripes, this pump can go with any work outfit, from jeans and a blouse all the way up to a suit. I found the heel stable and the shoe very comfortable. This brand rarely gives me blisters; a huge concern for me on both my toes and heels.
2 | Tahari Phillipa ($40-$45) – My d’orsay collection is ever-growing because I find this kind of pump is easier on my feet than a classic, high-sided pump. This cut-in pump doesn’t leave one side of my foot open, which offers better protection on Manhattan streets. You really can’t beat this price and the shoe comes in classic cognac or beautiful and trendy red and yellow. Also available here.
3 | Levin Pump ($60) – Likely my favorite shoe on this list, this scalloped white version is one of 6 colors/patterns the pump is available in. This particular pattern is excellent with navy, black and grey for a chic work look. I find this brand to be incredibly comfortable even with high heels! It requires one day of break-in, which I do by wearing thick socks with the pumps to walk around my apartment.

ROW 2 ||
4 | Flex Mid Pump ($50) – Pink pumps are another favorite of mine, but it’s hard to find the right color. Too dull and my legs look red; too neon and the shoe becomes a distraction rather than perfection. This particular shade of pink is perfect for showing off tan legs and also looks amazing with darker skin tones! I find this brand to run a little small and usually take a 9.5 instead of my usual 9. They also come in suede.
5 | Dameera Pump ($70) – Although it’s not the first take on the well-known luxury shoe it tributes, this shoe is notable for being comfier than the original. The denim color in the photo spread topping this post is great because they take the shoe down a notch, so it can be styled casually if you prefer. They are also easy to dress up with a wool or silk dress. If you’re feeling brave this shoe also comes in fuschia!
6 | Celeste Wedge ($55-79) – Wedges are truly a god-send for those days when I’m on my feet all day and still want my legs to look their best. This particular pair is great because from afar they look like any other comfy chic wedge, but up close they have stud details running down the entire heel for a bit of oomph. I get so many compliments on these! The color in the photo spread is called “deep blush” but it’s a light red to me. If that color is too bright for your office, they also come in classic colors like brown, black and sand. Also available here.

ROW 3 ||
7 | Fassi Wedge Pump ($40) – Now we’ve arrived at the row of wedges, and each has their own little details to set them apart. This first pair is like the d’orsay heels in the top row (#2 above) in wedge form. I’m partial to suede because I find it easy to clean (this $7 brush is all you need!) and they tend to last longer for me than leather shoes do. For $40, these are hard to beat.
8 | Frankie Wedge Pump ($60) – If you prefer leather this is the wedge for you. The ultimate classic shape with a pointy toe that will make your legs look miles long. Also available in black via the same link.
9 | Kaydena Wedge Pump ($40) – For as long as I can show off my pedicure, these peep-toe wedges are amazing! There is a very similar shoe made by TOMS with a higher wedge heel if you want extra height. The Kaydenas have both a classic grey color available or blue with white stripes version.

10 | I had to include one pair over $100, and these Kate Spade Heels (also available here and here in more colors) fit the bill for ultimate fun office shoe! I wouldn’t want to be on my feet all day in these but for office sitting and lunch break walking they are more than fine. They also come in a spectacular calf-hair version if you can find your size.

Want even more shoe picks? This post is chock full of more shoe goodies, including flats and mostly under $100!

What shoes are you loving right now?


  1. Maya
    August 15, 2017 / 2:08 pm

    OT – But does anyone know how to do a Boden return? I have never done any mail returns before and have no idea how to return some of the Boden stuff that doesn't fit me. Your help will be really appreciated.

    • August 15, 2017 / 4:21 pm

      You use the reverse side of your order form that arrived with your stuff.

    • Becky
      August 15, 2017 / 11:53 pm

      And you use the same bag the items arrived in

    • Maya
      August 16, 2017 / 1:17 pm

      Thanks Roxy and Becky. I returned the items yesterday but used a padded envelope instead of the original bag that the clothes came in as there were 3 different items which were difficult to fit into the bag. I hope there won't be an issue with the return.

  2. Katie
    August 15, 2017 / 5:40 pm

    Love these wedges! I can't do heels because I'm on my feet all day teaching, but I love a good wedge and I have been looking for a camel pair.

    Also OT, but does anyone know what happened with the return policy? I may have missed it! I'm trying to decide whether to return a swimsuit that doesn't quite fit yet, but could be good next spring.,,

    • August 15, 2017 / 6:26 pm

      The last I heard from Anthro's home office is that it has not changed, however I never heard back from them on what to do if a manager or SA refuses a return which has happened to several community members. Hope that helps!

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