Take 20% off hosting essentials for Easter, Passover and Spring Guests at Anthropologie!!

Impress your guests with beautiful items like the Wood Inlay Cheese Board ($38), now 20% off.

The title of Anthropologie’s latest promotion is a little deceiving. At first glance, it may sound like 20% off hosting essentials means just a few things like drinkware or serving platters. But no, there are 18 pages of items included in this promo, including 20% off select candles & candle holders, kitchen & dining, bedding, bath accessories, kids’, garden & outdoor (a category I’ve been waiting on!), and décor accessories.

This may be one of the best promos Anthropologie has offered in quite awhile! Inside, my favorites from the 20% off selections…

I’m in love with the Havana dining set, especially the 20% off Old Havana Pitcher ($48).
Give your guests a hint of shine with the 20% off Sangria DOF Glass Set ($48),
and you can pair it with the also 20% off Sangria Pitcher ($42).

Passover may have already begun (Happy Passover to you all!) but I’m sure like me many of you have Seders this weekend, not to mention Easter celebrations. (We’re doing Mexican Easter and regular Easter this weekened! It’s going to be a busy one.)

Forget the holidays though, this promo is great for stocking your home with beautiful Anthro home delights!

Here are some of my favorites from the promo, all 20% off the listed price:
1 | I can’t help but touch the Tufted Yoursa Throw ($128) everytime I’m in-store. It’s so soft with beautiful texture! I think this would make a great hostess gift.
2 | Beautiful ombre vessels make the Capri Blue Surf Spray Candle ($30) another great hostess gift idea that can be used as vase or planter after the sweet-smelling candle has burned through.
3 | Your guests will feel extra cheery with the Painted Fauna Pillow ($78) out!
4 | The Miya Tumbler ($12) is an elegant drinking vessel with an airy vibe.
5 | I adore the colors and ombre of the Sea Swirl Lantern ($14-$56) and think these would be so lovely on a deck or patio, or in a large indoor room.
6 | Ostensibly for berries, I think the Eastwick Berry Basket ($14) would also be great for rolls, small matzohs, candy or other small food items that are passed around the table.
7 | Simple and classy, I love the idea of using the Woodgrain Serving Tray ($48) for things that come in pairs, like matzoh and charoses, chips and salsa, easter biscuits and dip, and so on.
8 | The Marisol Pillow ($88) is the kind of pillow you can really lean into for a soft, comfy landing spot. Your guests will love it, and you will too.
9 | The Hammered Hartwood Candle ($18) has a good look for the holidays happening this weekend.
10 | And if you want to bring a little something extra with your candle, the Souvenir Matches ($7) are too cute!
11 | There are no reviews yet and I’ve not seen them myself so I’m going on looks alone, but the Joi Tasseled Towel Collection ($36) look perfect! I love those little touches of color.
12 | The Fatima Lantern ($12-$118) has kind of an egg shape, no? It would be lovely to add to the Easter Egg Hunting vibe.
13 | I love Anthropologie’s sheet sets, and the Waverley Embroidered Sheet Set ($58-$248) is my latest favorite. Such cute stitching.
14 | Your guests won’t forget which mug is theirs when you offer them their drink in the Plumology Mug ($16).


Four styles of the Plumology Mug ($16 + 20% off).

Remember all of these items are 20% off the listed price
15 | I’m not sure, but I think brownies taste better when you cook them in a pretty pan like the Petalpress Brownie Dish ($58).
16 | If you want to bring a small gift to an upcoming gathering, the Mercato Candle Tin ($12) would be perfect.
17 | I’m still on the hunt for the right French press, and the Bonjour French Press ($68) is the prettiest one I’ve seen yet!
18 | I love the Earthy tones of the Mineral Dessert Plate ($16), a plate that I think would fit well with the vibes of the holidays we’re celebrating this week. And then after that they’d just be fun to have and use!
19 | For salads, bowls or as decor, the Woodland Nesting Bowl ($98-$128) is a beautiful handmade piece.
20 | I’ve spent many store visits admiring the Tree Knots Planter ($32-$48), and now on promo I’ll finally pick them up.
21 | Looking for a festive dining set? The Tula Melamine Dinner Plate Set ($40) would be ideal.
22 | Meant to be hung, displayed or used for lightweight stuff, I dig the celebratory happy vibe and vivid colors of the Bright Bowl ($68).
23 | I’m not a kid but I’d still wear the Bunny Ears Headband ($24) — and possibly make my dog wear one for photos too.
24 | Elegant, classic and simple, the Merletto Soup Bowl ($28) is the perfect bowl to use to impress your guests.
25 | I recently picked up a copper-plated special edition watering can at West Elm that I hope will petina nicely (Anthro has a similar version but with a print on it) and I think Anthro’s Golden Plant Mister ($28) would go so well with it! Definitely getting this.
26 | The Netara Herb Planter Set ($32) is very cute, though I plan to use the pots in different locations around the house, and then the tray for other display items.
27 | On the small and easy to carry gift front, the Monogrammed Meadow Trinket Dish ($12) or Bathing Elephant Trinket Dish ($16) seem ideal.
28 | Want to really impress your guests? Use the Jardiniere Infuser Water Bottle ($34).
29 | Cheeseboards don’t get more elegant than the Paua Shell Cheese Board ($38-$58).
30 | I love shiny things, especially pretty, useful shiny things like the Hammered Lyric Pitcher & Spoon Set ($78)!

What might you get during this huge home promo?

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