Here’s where I’m finding the cutest Spring pieces…

The Off-the-Shoulder Floral Blouse ($98) doesn’t have to be worn off-shoulder, and has beautiful sleeves.

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Sometimes in shopping a store you haven’t been in for awhile can turn things around, really impress you when you go back in. That’s the way I’ve been feeling about White House Black Market lately! I first heard of the brand in 2005 or so when a former roommate of mine received a Fall mailer from them and I fell in love with literally every outfit in the short flyer! In the years since my interest in the brand had waned as their quality sank to disappointing levels and the designs got increasingly stale.

But the last several times I’ve strolled past their NYC stores something has caught my eye in the window and invited me inside, where I’ve found so much to love! While most of their clothing is made from poly blend, I’ve noticed an increasing amount of silk, cotton, suede and leather and their Spring 2017 collection might be their cutest yet!

Inside, picks from happy vibrant clothing…

The Long Slit Sleeve Soft Boho Dress ($140) is a beautiful yellow with interesting details.
Shown with: necklace.

One thing I love about WHBM is that their collections are always cohesive. They’ve expanded their color palette (it used to be just white, black and one accent color per season) but even so it’s very easy to make outfit combinations from their items.

Here are some of the loveliest items on my wishlist or in my cart right now:
1 | Looking for a new trench? Don’t buy one til you’ve seen the Double Breasted Floral Embroidered Trench Coat ($250), a jar-droppingly pretty option that looks especially great with pink underneath. The online shots don’t do this trench justice.
2 | You can find cargo slims in many stores, but I really like the Cargo Skimmer Jeans ($98) for being long with a nice midrise.
3 | The Floral Printed Hi-Lo Fit and Flare Dress ($160) fits like a dream and is a scene-stealing dress!
4 | I love the happy yellow color of the Lace Halter A-line Dress ($160), a dress which is easily wearable for work or play.
5 | The Mixed Print Shift Dress ($98) has a more modern cut (shorter) that’s amazing for showing off great legs!
6 | A similar print comes in a more classic cut with beautiful pleats in the Embellished Pleat-Hem Printed Dress ($120).
7 | Right now WHBM is running a buy one, get one 50% off promo in their jewelry section. I love how they show each jewelry item on a person so you can get an idea of the size and scale! Some of my favorite necklaces with lots of styling options are the Choker with Hoop Drop ($40)…
8 | …the Woven Leather Circles Choker with Freshwater Pearl ($50)…
9 | …the Agate Leather Choker Necklace ($40)..
10 | …and the Oblong Link Choker Necklace With Tassels ($40).
11 | On the longer side, I adore the Riverstone Drop Y-Necklace ($45) and Leather Tassel Pendant Necklace ($55).
12 | I find the Watercolor Print Cold-Shoulder Blouse ($98) to be so lovely! I love the print and love how they styled it with the Cargo Skimmer Jeans ($98) mentioned in #2 above.
13 | The Embroidered Lace Top ($110) has an ultra-flattering v-neck.
14 | The Soft Printed Shirt Dress ($130) looks great for casual days or workwear!
15 | As it’s not quite Spring yet, let the Stripe Sweater Sheath with Flippy Hem Dress ($140) get you from here to there.
16 | The Exploded Floral Printed Midi Fit and Flare Dress ($180) is a stunning, classic dress. I love it!
17 | WHBM also has a nice, long Military Field Jacket ($140) that’s especially great for us talls, and I love the Long-Sleeve Embroidered Tassel Top ($88) under it.
18 | They have cute shoes too! I love the Black Suede Tassel Heels ($130)!
19 | I have my eye on the Exotic-Print Leather d’Orsay Heels ($135) too.
20 | I’m impressed by many of their bracelets, which have an expensive feel to them. My favorites right now are the Leather Howlite Teardrop Wrap Bracelet ($45) and the Leather Goldtone Circle Toggle Bracelet ($45).

I could easily name another 20 items I love from this store! Have you checked out White House Black Market recently? Tell us what’s good!! Right now you can save 25% off your full price purchase with the code 51505! This offer is valid through March 19, 2017.


  1. bluewisteria
    March 15, 2017 / 1:06 pm

    I really have been loving WHBM's recent lines and agreed, their color palette has expanded! This is one of my favorite items there:

    I wish they had a bigger petite selection but I appreciate their creative styles.

  2. Anna Maria
    March 15, 2017 / 5:36 pm

    Well here's my take on WHBM, I really like it and have over the years! I still shop there every so often, their promotions are great, their jeans fit great, especially if you are curvy like me! They have shorts and petites in just abut everything. If you don't feel like shopping in person, go online, if you are a member shipping is free all the time, no minimum , shoes are great, I still have some that are years old as well as their clothes. An automatic 5% off all the time if you are a member (which is free, no credit card). Yes some items are made of poly but so are many other retailers that charge more for their clothing. Over all I love them!

  3. Amy
    March 15, 2017 / 9:48 pm

    The skimmer jeans and pants fit like a glove. I think they do make their pants for a woman's shape. I don't love how most of the clothing has some sort of bling. I know its their look but I would rather not. I can't even believe I'm going to say this but sometimes I find great tops at Chico's. They have the same issue with sparkles and bejeweled pieces. I'm usually the youngest person by 30 years if I go in. Same with Soft Surroundings but I do find a gem in there every now and then.

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