Anthropologie adds even more sale on the last night of extra 30% off!

On the final night of Anthropologie’s weekend extra 30% off sale promotion, there are new sale items! I’m having better luck seeing the items right now in each sale clothing section (i.e. dresses, tops, jackets, etc.) than the fresh cuts section, though that may change as the night progresses.

Inside, some of the sale highlights…

The Faye Tasseled Blouse (now $100 + 30% off), new to sale tonight.

I tried a mock checkout with a few of the new sale items and it looks like the extra 30% off is applying. However, if it is not for you the best bet is to email Anthro’s customer service for the PA (price adjustment) right after you place your order or call in the morning.

Here are some of the new sale highlights I see:
Amabel Open-Shoulder Blouse (now $60 + 30% off)
Cadence Printed Maxi Dress (now $120 + 30% off)
Chino Swing Jacket (now $70 + 30% off)
Cocoon Sweatshirt Dress (now $80 + 30% off)
Cropped Balloon-Sleeve Pullover (now $50 + 30% off)
Denim Open-Shoulder Shift Dress (now $80 + 30% off)
Fruit Salad Tunic Dress (now $80 + 30% off)
Needlepoint Open-Shoulder Top (now $60 + 30% off)
Orley Off-The-Shoulder Blouse (now $50 + 30% off)
Pennine Blouse (now $70 + 30% off) — I love this top!
Portsmouth Off-The-Shoulder Dress (now $150)
Radcliff Off-The-Shoulder Dress (now $80 + 30% off) — love the color and sleeves of this one
Seamed Denim Pencil Skirt (now $50 + 30% off)
Tiered Blush Midi Dress (now $180 + 30% off)
Victorian Lace Blouse (now $80 + 30% off)
Winningham Lace Dress (now $120 + 30% off) — how did I miss this when it was first marked down??

What else are you seeing marked down newly tonight?


  1. Shari
    March 13, 2017 / 10:05 am

    Funny, I used to check my wishlist multiple times/day and did not even know there was a sale until this am. I can't see the sale prices on my wishlist (they only show as marked when I click on the item) so I have to guess which items are on sale which made me miss one item my daughter wanted which is now sold out. For 30% off, there would have been one thing I may have purchased but for now will wait this one out. I went through the pages and pages of fresh cuts and really nothing I need or even want right now. Happy shopping all!!!!

  2. PHG
    March 13, 2017 / 2:00 pm

    I saw the new items last night as I was browsing the sale again (trying to make most of last day of 30% off). I did end up ordering the Melange t-shirt dress because it got good reviews and I thought it would be something I could wear a lot and layer. Hoping what you say comes true though, a little something-something for blizzard!

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