See the latest Spring collection arrivals at Anthropologie first!!

Items with movement, like the Abstraction Maxi Dress ($228), are featured in Anthro’s first dibs email.

Anthropologie is sending out a first dibs email for its newest Spring arrivals! What can we look forward to? Come inside for picks and a free shipping code…

The Denim Corset Cami ($88) is cute from the back and gorgeous in the front!

There are a few real winners on the first dibs page like the Abstraction Maxi Dress ($228) topping this post and the beautiful Denim Corset Cami ($88) just above! I also really like the Medallion Silk Dress ($168) and the Meret Tunic ($118).

In fact, were this a travel collection I’d love most everything as I gear up to head to Costa Rica on vacation shortly, but as the Spring collection it’s mystifying. Items like the Nouveau Joggers ($88) — shown with the Cabled Knit Shell ($88) are great for the beach or resort towns, but as everyday wear? Ditto the Embroidered Luna Slip Dress ($168), which looks truly beautiful but not very practical.

I’d love the Jade Silk Midi Dress ($348) if they ditched the awful sleeves; the Fringework Shift ($138) in white might work for work with a denim jacket over it…but it’s a stretch. I love the design of the Textured Stripes Jacket ($396) and hate the balloon sleeves.

As for the Andi Silk Pants ($299)…there are no words. What are your thoughts on these preview items? You can use the code PERKS to get Free Shipping on your order of $150+.

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