Santa, bring me some sales!!

I love the science geeky feel of the 22 Vial Spice Block Set ($180), and I’m hoping it’s on sale come Dec. 26th.

My boyfriend, Mom and I braved the mall today to wrap up our Christmas and Hanukkah shopping. Safely back home alive with all our presents and wrapping in tow (and many wrapped up in super pretty boxes and bows!) I’m starting to make my post-Christmas wishlist. There are a bunch of things I saw out and about that I hope go on sale come the 26th (or even the 25th!) so I can pick them up.

Take the 22 Vial Spice Block Set ($180, above). In real life the vials themselves are not very big — it’s certainly more a sampler set than anything. But I so adore the sciencey-geeky feeling of it; it makes me excited to cook with all those spices! I got one to gift to my friend who just finished grad school with a chemistry degree…and I’m hoping that after Christmas I can pick one up for myself too. From the same store I’d love to also grab the Jacobsen Salt Co. Set of 6 Vials with Holder ($40) or the Jacobsen Salt Co. Vial Set, Set of 6 ($35).

Inside, a few more things I’ve already got in my online carts to grab if the post-Christmas sales are good enough…

The Northstar Front-Back Posts ($48 + 30% off) have two elements of sparkle.

Come Christmas Eve, I’ll be wearing the Nanon Front-Back Earrings ($48 + 30% off, sold out online) in blue with the Loft Lace Flutter Dress ($98 + 40% off). If the sale continues after Christmas at Anthropologie, I’d love to add the Northstar Front-Back Posts ($48 + 30% off, above), the Almond Leaf Earrings ($48 + 30% off) and another color of the Aludra Posts ($38 + 30% off) to my closet.

All I want after Christmas is this Jacket // Dress // Shoes // Sunnies
(everything except the jacket is 25% off right now)

While I normally don’t aim to copy looks from retailers exactly, I have to admit it’s been hard to get the outfit from Madewell above off my mind…and I think I just might have to copy it. Especially if it goes more than 25% off! A few of the items are sold out right now but I have no doubt that after Christmas they’ll pop back into stock.

My, what cute vases you have, West Elm.

Most everything else I want is for the home. The list is long but my top wish-wants right now are the Indigo Ceramic Vases shown above, and this second set, these balloon vases and this nightstand. An extra % off would go a long way towards helping us decorate!

I’ll have several gift cards burning a hole in my pockets soon. What do you have waiting in your cart for potential after-holiday sales?

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