Checking in with Anthro’s Tag Sale Home & Beauty goodies…

The Raised Bloom Measuring Cups (now $25 + 40% off) are the perfect addition to any baker’s kitchen.

The clothing and accessories in Anthropologie’s Tag Sale aren’t the only delights — the home and beauty sections have plenty of goodies worth a second look too! With an extra 40% off sale items are selling out and popping back quickly so the hunt is a new adventure each day. Although furniture and some holiday decor are excluded the sale includes lots of fun items that brighten up any home or self-care collection.

Inside, some of my favorites…

The Swirling Crest Mirror (now $35 + 40% off) comes in either a rhombus or circle shape
and looks great alone or in sets of multiples.

I received both the Assorted Mini Latte Bowl Set ($24) and two colors of the Mini Latte Bowl Set ($12) for Hanukkah, and was hoping they’d hit sale after the holiday. Alas they remain stubbornly full price. Likewise I think the Fictions Mini Eau De Parfum ($18) are just the cutest things and I’d picked several up as gifts…and was hoping after Christmas they’d get marked down so I could get a few for myself too. But no, they too remain at full price.

In the meantime, here are some of the best items that are on sale:
1 | I can’t say why exactly but I love decorating with antlers. The Antler Decorative Object (now $30-$50 + 40% off) is great for adding a bit of shine to any room.
2 | The Stag Antlers Serving Set (now $70 + 40% off) give me a chance to add antlers to my kitchenware!
3 | I hear that the Sketched Story French Press (now $40 + 40% off) is both cute and functional. I can only confirm the first part — it’s super cute!
4 | The Watercolor Dog Bed (now $90 + 40% off) is kind of wasted on dogs (who are mostly colorblind) but would definitely make a great floor pillow for guests with 4 paws or 2.
5 | Worth another mention, the Olivine Atelier Love + Salt Mist (now $20 + 40% off) is a great during-the-day hair refresher, as is its slightly bigger cousin the Olivine Atelier Love + Roses Beauty Mist (now $30 + 40% off).

What home and beauty items have you grabbed during the Tag Sale so far? Are you hoping to see additional markdowns before the sale is over?

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