Can you help me find this adorable pillow for my new apartment?

That moment when you realize your pillow assortment is incomplete without this cute fox in your life.
And on your couch.

Community, can you help me? BF and I have settled on a color palette for our new apartment (here it is for anyone curious) and we’re starting to fill in our decor gaps with a few things. We’d picked out a beautiful assortment of pillows for our sectional but one of the pillows, the adorable fox above that looks just like our little dog Cinnamon has sold out from under our noses!

It must still be in stock somewhere because the colorway shows up on the website but after searching at least 20 different zipcodes I can’t find a single store that appears to have it within a 100 miles of that store search.

If you live near a Target that happens to have this pillow in stock, and would be willing to purchase it and send it to me (paid back fully of course!) please email me. I’m hoping the community can help me find a needle in this haystack.

These are the other pillows in our assortment: Pelotas Throw Pillow in Deep Blue ($24-$32) | IKAT Print Throw Pillow in navy ($24) | Cotton Luster Velvet Pillow Cover in dusty blush ($29) | Cream Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow ($17) | Ryder Bike Pillow ($19) | Hanukkah Celebration Throw Pillow in blue ($42) all on our 6-piece Tillary Sectional in feather grey chenille tweed

What throw pillows are living on your couch right now?

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