Nine New Things I’m Loving at Anthropologie this Morning

Looks like the Picotage Sheath from last year (remind yourself here) got an update for late 2016
— this is the Cleo Jacquard Sheath ($158).

Surfing through a sea of WTF, there are some real gems hidden among Anthropologie’s new arrivals! I like to go through the new arrivals often and update my wishlist (post coming up on how I keep wishlists) so that when a promo strikes, I’m ready to go. Sometimes I use my shopping cart but I find it gets dumped periodically, which leaves me non-plussed.

The first new pretty I added to my wishlist this weekend is the Cleo Jacquard Sheath ($158), which looks to be a new version of last winter’s Picotage Sheath. Back when I reviewed the Picotage I mentioned that I liked the dress but wished it came in other colorways — and now here we are, with a pretty blue jewel-tone pattern to admire! And probably buy.

Inside, eight more things new Anthro arrivals make me happy on this Monday…

The Moretta Sweater Dress ($168) — a sweater dress with ideal pattern placement.

An easy way to do pattern placement and make it ultra-flattering is to wind it down the sides, as Knitted & Knotted has done with its pretty Moretta Sweater Dress ($168). I can’t wait to try this dress on! It just might be my Thanksgiving dress if the fit is right. It will also be great for work…I have very high hopes for this one!

The Afterlight Wool Dress ($178) is a pretty neutral that will pair well 
with sweaters and coats of various colors.

Things can get pretty blah once the leaves have dropped off the trees (up in CT the leaves are technically past-peak, but the reds are at their cherriest and wine-est), so a dress in a wheat color like the Afterlight Wool Dress ($178) could feel blah. But I actually prefer one or two dresses like this in my closet, because all you need is a bold color or jewel tone to pair with it for a beautiful and easy outfit. Drop-waist dresses look great with slightly-longer-than-waist-length blazers.

The dress shown here has a subtle flower pattern on it, but it also comes in a solid color in the Wool Dropwaist Dress ($158).

One other dress I think looks pretty is the Bryonia Dress ($178). However, I worry that the bodice will be much too short on me and anyone else with breasts above an A cup. Perhaps I will be proved wrong by a try-on!

The star of the new tops is clearly the Sigrid Blouse ($128).

Beautiful ethereal details and and pattern make the Sigrid Blouse ($128) stand out among the other new arrival tops for me. I love the sheer and lace yoke and the detail seams at the waist. Will it be too peplumy in real life? Hard to say until I see it for myself — have you seen this top yet?

There are several sweaters I like as well. The Black Swan Pullover ($158) has a tongue-in-cheek cuteness to it, the Romi Lace Pullover ($158) has the right mix of sweater and lace and the Pom-Knit Pullover ($128) is that beautiful dark green we’re seeing everywhere in a very wearable pullover v-neck.

The Embroidered Velvet Bomber ($188) — cute or ugly?

Then of course there are those items where I’m so sartorially confused at this point that I’m not sure how I feel about them. Take the ;Embroidered Velvet Bomber ($188). Is this pretty or ugly? I like the embroidery. I like varsity jackets. Do I like them together? And at a deeper level, items like this and the Embroidered Flight Jacket ($348) make me think of that eccentric lady who lives on the corner. Yet it’s exactly the kind of item you see editorially on style bloggers (yet they never seem to wear more than once…)

Your thoughts? What new arrivals do you like this morning?

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