Investigating the soft, the cozy and the sparkly at Anthropologie…

Moth’s Lace-Up Ribbed Turtleneck ($118) has subtle details and looks oh so cozy!

Anthropologie is starting to unveil December items online in the new arrivals section, and the theme seems to be the sparkly and the cozy. I’m loving it so far! Although we are still combing through a sea of hell no and what were they thinking, at last I’m starting to see some eye-catching designs and highly appealing sweaters like the Lace-Up Ribbed Turtleneck ($118, above).

Right now there is a mix of some items that are making their debut online, like the sweater and Nina Payne Flash Ankle Boots ($314) in the look above and a lot that isn’t online yet such as the bag and skirt shown in this look.

Let’s take a look at more of the new pretties, inside!

The Lace-Up Ribbed Turtleneck ($118) in grey, 
shown with the Ciaran Sueded Skirt ($148) and Farylrobin Grove Boots ($148).

In addition to the new pretties Anthropologie’s added another promo — select shoes are 30% off, including the Farylrobin Grove Boots ($148) above. Those boots look pretty soft! Much like the sweater collection right now, which includes touchable delights like the Faroe Off-The-Shoulder Sweater ($118) but also extends to other clothing sections in items including the Open-Shoulder Velvet Midi Dress ($198, wowza!!), the Pilcro Script High-Rise Velvet Jeans ($128) which I absolutely need, the Cadre Knit Military Jacket ($128) which I’d like to add to my coat collection, the Eyelash Sweater Dress ($148) that reminds me of a DVF dress I bought last year, and the Mollie Colorblocked Sweater ($98), which is an intriguing design (but might be too cropped to work on me, why do you keep doing this Anthro?!??).

The Stargazer Pullover ($128) and Sequin-Striped Pencil Skirt ($158) contribute to the sparkly party.

Anthropologie almost needs a category devoted just to the sparkly items, items which I apologetically delight in, especially this time of year! I’m drooling over this Sequin-Striped Pencil Skirt ($158, above) and hoping is comfortable enough to wear to the office, as it’s beautiful.

A little more confusing in this new section I’ve created would be the Sequin Shift Joggers ($188) and Oro Sequined Joggers ($128), both of which look uncomfortable to me (and a little ghetto fab, perhaps?). The Siddah Joggers ($178) on the other hand, appear to be perfection that I’d love to wear around the weekend house! Likewise, the subtle sparkle of the Norwich Open-Shoulder Pullover ($148) has me wanting it very much.

All hail the Whitby Skirt ($148), which looks like a great winter piece.
The sweater shown here is sold out, and the shoes are not online yet.

The Whitby Skirt ($148) appears to be an update of an Anthro sweater skirt from 2009 or so that I own thanks to a community member, and I love this new version so much I just may need it too! It’s one of the more Anthro classic new arrivals, a selection that also includes the well-named Thea Ruffled Peplum Top ($48). If you think you’re going to get me to buy something by naming it after me Anthropologie, you’re totally right! (Thea is my real name, roxy a long-held nickname.)

The Alessandria Knit Skirt ($128) should also look very familiar, as it’s a reissue of last winter’s Astin Wrap Skirt (reviewed). What other reissues have you noticed?

The Myra Mockneck Dress ($128) is a spectacular deployment of bold pattern.

It appears that the Myra Mockneck Dress ($128) is a long-sleeve update of the summer winner, the Lilt Swing Dress (now $50 and whoa how did I miss the red pattern currently popped back??, OOTD here). I am so down with this new version though it’s disappointingly online-only. In fact a lot, a lot a lot of the new stuff is online-only. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of trying to get people into your stores?

I know I am very lucky to live in NYC, which has several Anthro stores (and about 10 more within a few hours driving distance). But what about people who aren’t in a large coastal city, who don’t have many stores or an Anthro & Co to plunder? I am thinking about this stuff more recently as it looks like in the next 3 years or so my boyfriend and I will be making the move out to Colorado (a return to CO for me after having attended Colorado State University). Colorado is a shopping haven of sorts that many stores that I love seem to ignore (the J.Crews, Anthros and their ilk are pretty pitiful selection-wise there, even Cherry Creek which boasts several luxury brands among its store roster).

The fashionable across the nation want to try this stuff on! Online exclusives, are sadly, bullshit. And Anthro seems to know it because they don’t even offer an online only section anymore. They hide it. Lame!

The Janice Printed Coat ($258) is another beautiful example of big, bold pattern.

Rant aside, there are beautiful patterned pieces aplenty at Anthro at the moment. From the soft like the Patchworked Suede Mini Skirt ($258) to the subtle like the Lydia Swing Dress ($198) to the eye-catching Metallic Painter’s Palette Dress ($248, also sparkly!) or the work-ready Printed Jacquie Dress ($378), the festive Strapless Gala Dress ($548) and the versatile Forest Applique Sheath Dress ($298), there are lots of pretty patterns to choose from.

What new Anthro pretties do you love?

Speaking of soft and cozy Boden has launched a new 25% off cozy promo, which includes nightwear, hats, scarves, gloves, slippers and more…

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