Nine new things I’m loving at Anthropologie this morning

The ruffled Recouvrir Sweater ($118) has my heart.

Anthropologie’s promotion of the moment is an extra 20% off sale (picks shared yesterday and the day before) but my eye can’t help drifting to the new arrivals section, where lots of Fall pretties await! I feel an itch telling me there might be a promotion on full-price items in the next few weeks and in preparation for that, I’m stocking my wishlist and cart with some of the newest, most desired items I see.

The list starts with the Recouvrir Sweater ($118), a sweater that I hope fares better than the Layered Fiona Pullover ($118), the latter of which was a total disappointment on me. It’s got an ugly yellowish tea-stained tinge to it, it’s short and doesn’t work well over boobs. So here’s hoping the Recouvrir Sweater ($118) is much better than that!

What else is new to my wishlist? Find out inside…

The Mariona Shirtdress ($138), perfect for belting or layering.

Holding Horses is kind of killing it right now, wouldn’t you agree? Their latest intriguing offering is the Mariona Shirtdress ($138), an admittedly simple dress with lots of styling options. You could easily layer it over dresses like the Plaid Acreage Dress ($80 + an extra 20% off), the Berges Tunic ($128) or the Yilessa Ruffled Pullover ($128). You could also belt it with options big like the Kennett Reversible Belt ($58) or small like the Skinny Tab Belt ($38).

Another dress that I love that stands well on its own and is number 3 on my wishlist right now is the Cata Swing Dress ($168) which I tried on and was a delight in my usual size M! The dress has much more of a light blue tone (nearly periwinkle) in real life. I can’t help but think that the Cynthia Wool Sweater Jacket ($248) would look fantastic over it.

Speaking of sweater coats, I’ve got a huge crush on the Caset Sweater Coat ($438) which is hella expensive but would go with everything. I can picture myself wearing it in front of the fire come winter, outside to campfires and over cute date night dresses too! Is an alpaca/acrylic/wool combination worth nearly $450? I dunno, but a promo on full-price items and free shipping would very much help me take the plunge!

photo via Anthro Irvine

For tops, the fifth new item on my wishlist comes in the form of the Amis Linen Top ($78), shown above paired with the Gallery Skirt ($78). I just love the yoke with its mesh and circular eyelet combination! The color looks beautiful too.

I’m also eyeing the cotton (yay!!) Ackerley Plaid Blouse ($78), especially the blue version, and the Bourgogne Wool Jacket ($158) which lands somewhere between top and jacket in my eyes.

Cute tops demand equally cute skirts, and while I love the look of the Ruffled Denim Skirt ($328) and will fit into a size 10, I’m disappointed that’s the highest the size options go. The cotton, crisp Mari Midi Skirt ($228) likewise only goes up to a Large, because…???

Those are nine new pretties I’d like to own. What new pretties are on your radar?

On a quick tangent, someone was asking me about the belt shown with the Fringed Chambray Buttondown ($138). The belt is called the Ila Suede Wrap Belt ($68) and it’s now online!

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