Eye Candy: Outfit inspiration for Anthro Day Weekend

all photos in this post via Anthropologie Huntsville — follow them for tons of Anthro inspiration!
left model: jacket | dress
center model: hat | necklace | sweater | pants
right model: necklace| top | jeans

Sometimes seeing an item on its own doesn’t help much, but seeing it in the context of an outfit helps a whole lot! To inspire us all over the Anthro Day weekend here is some eye candy from the fabulous Anthropologie Huntsville store — I highly recommend following them on Instagram as they are a constant source of inspiration!

Remember that in addition to the 20% off Anthro Day Weekend this weekend, Anthropologie is also offering $25 off when you book a personal styling session in-store through October 6th. Store stylists came up with the pretty looks you’re about to see!

left model: dress
right model: vest | necklace | dress
left model: kimono | top | pants | necklace
right model: necklace | top | pants
vest | dress | boots — ???
left model: scarf | top | jeans | sandals — ???
right model: hat | top | jeans | boots
left model: necklace | dress | belt
right model: hat | dress

Happy promo shopping, everyone! I’ll share what I bought and what I tried on and passed on tomorrow.

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