Playing around with colorblocked outfits at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory has unveiled some super cute new Fall arrivals!

J.Crew’s outlet sister, J.Crew Factory (sorry, Mercantile), has started rolling out its Fall collection and there are some super cute items in there! This is a store I use to supplement my work wardrobe because the quality is generally decent and the prices can be a total steal. Plus, they work within simple color palettes that make outfit assembly oh so easy.

How easy? Check out these three insta-put-together-looks…

Easy as 1-2-3! And of course, a little jewelry doesn’t hurt as this next outfit possibility proves…

I love how easy J.Crew Factory makes it to look good! Beyond the pieces in these outfits above, other items on my wishlist include the Basketweave Pencil Skirt ($51) in olive, the Chevron Striped Pencil Skirt ($50), the Quilted Jacket ($95) in warm bisque, the Crystal and Stone Rows Necklace ($34), the Crystal Triangle Necklace ($26), the Geometric Gemstone Cluster Earrings ($14), the Mini Crystals Dangle Earrings ($18) and the End-on-End Camp Shirt ($35).

You can also see more outfit ideas, visit their work shop, or check out new arrivals. Have you seen or purchased anything you love lately at J.Crew Factory?

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