Feeling a little let down with Anthropologie’s current offerings? You may want to check this store out…

The Deep Creek Coat ($538), featuring beautiful embroidery that warms this Anthro lover’s heart.

We’re knee deep in that weird between seasons time when the community (myself included) starts getting cranky that it’s still summer outside but fall in our retail hearts. While we wait for the best fall goodies to show up at Anthropologie I want to try to placate the fangry (that’s fall angry) fans with another store I like to occasionally shop at that often nails the rustic boho look Anthro also goes for.

Who is it? Find out inside, with lots of pretties to pore over…

The Adair Maxi Dress ($188) has flattering pattern placement and that laid-back boho vibe I love.

The retailer I speak of is the Sundance Catalog Clothing Company. Their latest catalog captivated me for many reasons — the beautiful settings which make me miss the Rockies more than ever, and the cute clothing and accessories that are currently tempting me!

Before we go deeper, I want to issue a few caveats.
1 – This retailer is generally very expensive. They pick mostly from upper market midrange retailers (i.e. Sorel, AG Jeans) and in general they aren’t big on sales. I did however notice a bunch of cute dresses in their most recent catalogue under $200!
2 – They are very clearly marketing to mid 30-somethings and early 40-somethings. I’m not saying that you can’t wear these clothes if you are younger or older, but especially if you’re younger this stuff might not strike you yet.
3 – Although cute, I would not call Sundance’s stuff ‘fresh.’ It’s mostly modest, with longer lengths and nothing revealing. It can easily go towards frumpy if styled incorrectly.

One positive is that if you’re tall like me these items tend to be very well proportioned. (I’m 5’8″.) Unlike Anthro where I’ve recently found a lot of short bodices and skirts, Sundance tends to do much better in this area. They offer up to size 16 in many items, but few petites.

All that said, I can’t deny that I dog-eared a bunch of pages in the catalogue I got in the mail this past weekend! The Adair Maxi Dress ($188) pictured above is one of several mixed pattern boho dresses I really like! Others include the Leticia Dress ($178) and the long, gorgeous Romancing The Lace Dress ($168).

They also have a few cute tuxedo pleat-front floral dresses, such as the Province Rose Dress ($188) and the warm yellow and pink Magnolia Blooms Dress ($188).

I bought and love the True Essence Dress ($178).

Some of Sundance’s late-summer dresses could easily make the transition to fall. I purchased the True Essence Dress ($178) planning to wear it now, but it’s a little heavier than expected so it will be perfect for fall and into the winter! I took an 8 in this dress – I find Sundance stuff generally runs one size small so I take 8s instead of 6s.

Some other dresses that fall into this now and later category include the Language Of Love Dress ($158, love the seam detailing that creates a beautiful feminine shape!), the Tender Moments Dress ($188), the Chronicles Dress ($98), the Vieux Carre Dress ($158), the Prairie Blossom Dress ($148, topping my wishlist right now!) and the Cameo Dress ($218).

The Norwegian Woods Sweater Dress ($298) has me feeling quite ready for fall, thank you!

Then there are dresses like the Norwegian Woods Sweater Dress ($298) which has me suddenly eager for cold weather! How cute is this entire look really? With some different photo filters you could have told me this was from a 2008 Anthropologie catalogue and I would have believed you, and swooned. Hopefully Anthro has something like this outfit in store for Fall 2016.

But back to Sundance, another fall-ready dress I love is the Sculptured Delight Dress ($138), which could easily work with a great pair of boots. Sundance has plenty of pretty boots to choose from! It was hard for me to narrow down the list.

They have boots with flowers and pretty detailing on them, like the Spirit Blossoms Boots ($228), the Pressed Blossom Boots ($295), the Flower Spirit Boots ($228), the Trace Of Lace Ankle Boots ($188) and the Palatine Boots ($298).

Then there are the beautiful luxe-looking tall boots like the Valerie Shearling Boots ($598) and Deirdre Boots ($268), the cute booties like the Uncharted Territory Boots ($278) and the ideal sidewalk slush beaters like the Joanie Sweater Boots ($230), the last of which I’m totally buying.

The beautiful East Wind Sweater Coat ($498), shown here with the Heirloom Handwarmers ($55).

But what first grabbed my attention were the coats, like the East Wind Sweater Coat ($498) above and the Deep Creek Coat ($538) back up at the top of the post. Slightly lighter but no less beautiful, I’m also enamored of the terry Edie Jacket ($128) and the long, cotton Audra Hoodie ($253).

Do these items give you old school Anthro vibes? Have you ordered from Sundance Catalog recently or made a wishlist from there?

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