Playing the Sale Guessing Game

Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope you have been enjoying Anthropologie’s 20% off promo this weekend! I certainly have, making purchases both in-store and online. My picks are in this post.

A well-placed tipster tells me new markdowns are on the way tonight into tomorrow, in beauty and home. These are not two categories I track as deeply as clothing and accessories at Anthropologie, but let’s play the Sale Guessing Game anyway!

Some beauty wishlist items I’d love to see on sale tomorrow.
Artis 10 Brush Set ($355) — these are the softest makeup brushes that have ever touched my face!
Barr-Co Bath Soak ($32) — the honeysuckle scent is light with a hint of floral, without tickling my nose too much.
Eva NYC Mini Healthy Heart Ceramic Styling Iron ($30) — I received one of these as a gift and it’s oh so good for a quick restroom hair refresher on humid days when my hair turns into a too-curly mess!
Face Stockholm Veil Lipstick ($22) — I’m partial to the Precious color.
Hanover Kern Hand Lotion and Wash Duo ($32) — Provence Lavender. Enough said!
Kocostar Deep Hydration Mask ($5) — Helps me keep those dry spots on my face moisturized.
Lollia Bubble Bath ($34-$49) — The ‘relax’ scent smells wonderful, but that ‘at last’ bottle is something special!
Mer & Sea Bubble Bath / Bath Oil Set ($16) — BF & I used the coconut sugar in our Portland hotel’s jetted tub, and we loved it! Plenty of bubbles and not overpoweringly fragrant. The oil wasn’t as much of a hit with us.

Olivine Atelier Love + Roses Mini Beauty Mist ($16) — Light and refreshing for hair and skin, perfect for those hot and humid summer NYC days.
Royal Apothic Mini Eau De Parfum ($16) — Always handy to have one of these in the purse.
T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer ($150) — Because the hotel hair dryer rarely does the job.

The Artist’s Studio Hydrating Lip Tint ($14) — Actually hydrating! Good on those days where I’m wearing an intense color that tends to dry out my lips.
U.S. Apothecary Elderflower and Vetiver Bubble Bath ($32) — Can you tell I love bubble bath?

If time allows I will update this post with some home wishlist items too. No clothing markdowns tomorrow — what are you hoping to see on sale from home and beauty?

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