OOTD: Fun for me, fun for you!

jacket (or here, or here!) | dress | necklace | clutch sunglasses | pumps
Photography by Lydia Hudgens

I didn’t plan on wearing the same denim jacket in my first three return OOTDS…funny how outfits turn out! Goes to show how versatile this blue beauty is.

Speaking of beautiful, let’s talk about Anthropologie’s Laced Garden Shift ($198)…

This dress jumped out at me during my Portland visit, but I didn’t have time to try it on til I was back home in New York City. Although it’s too short for me to wear to work it’s already proven itself to be a versatile date and weekend dress, successfully working the major cute factor through a bowling birthday party, a cocktail party and a nice dinner followed by dive bar drinks!

At 5’8″ I’m much taller than many of my blogger sisters (it’s not unusual for me to stand at least a head taller, often much more than that at parties and events) but I’m not all that tall at all among NYC ladies, where Amazonian heights are not uncommon. I found myself chatting with several ladies around my height on the subway ride down about this dress, and how cute it is! With a denim jacket over it, it becomes an easy day to eve piece. Light pumps do the trick for most things but this dress could easily be made more casual with sandals (I’m eyeing these right now).

In terms of sizing, this dress has a shift shape which means I had to size according to my hips. That meant a 10 in this dress for me. (My hips are about 39-40″.) The chest also runs rather small which I find consistent with other Moulinette Soeurs dresses.

For a few pops of color I went with pink on my lips, my nails, in my necklace (a long layering necklace works wonders with this dress!) and via my clutch, which during this shoot was holding my phone, my wallet, my Altoids and keys to two apartments. It holds its shape pretty well and the soft nubuck appears in browns ranging from rich honey to light tan depending on how the light hits it.

This is one of those fun outfits that makes me smile! I imagine I’ll be wearing this all through the summer and into the fall…

Now that I’m getting back into the swing of things with OOTDs, I think it’s about time for a Readers Outfit post, wouldn’t you say? Send me you in your Anthropologie best by next Friday, May 27th at 5 PM and we’ll run the outfits the first week of June! You can email your looks to me, and I’m happy to keep your affiliate links intact if you’re a blogger too.

Some quick guidelines for Reader Outfits:
– Your look must be at least 700 pixels wide. If you don’t know how to check the size of your photo, save it to your “My Pictures” folder on your laptop and then click on it. It will then tell you the dimensions.
– Photos don’t have to be professional, but they must be clear. Dark photos, photos taken at night or blurry photos all make it tough to see what you’re wearing.
– Outfits should be more vertical (tall) then horizontal (wide).
– Outfits must include at least one Anthropologie item.

That’s it! I’m so looking forward to seeing what you have to share, and running a set of looks from our community.

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