Get a super early sneak peek at Anthropologie’s June new arrivals!

Whoa! If these new preview images sneaking on to Anthropologie’s website are any clue, June is shaping up to be a classic. Thanks to Tanda who posted a link to all things June making their way onto Anthro’s site!

Let’s take a look at some of the other pretties online now and almost online now…

These catalogue shots are beautiful! Focus on the clothes, interesting locales without sacrificing the clothing in the photo, and happy models. Still about zero diversity…hopefully that’s the next issue on Anthro’s list. But as usual, as gorgeous as these items are it’s some of the non-lookbook items that really have me intrigued…

It’s so odd seeing my real name out there more and more in the real world —
part of why I chose to blog by my nickname roxy is because I grew up 
having my name mispronounced constantly and wanted something easy to say!
That said, this top is much like me — soft and delicate, with a little bit of flare out at the hips.
Unnamed Top ($68).
This top doesn’t have its product name yet. Let’s call it the Ferned Fringe Tank.
I need this dress, right this second!
Another totally gorgeous dress!
Unnamed Dress ($148).
This dress doesn’t have its real name yet, but I thought the pineapples were bugs at first.
So I’m calling it the Buzzy Pineapple Dress.

Other items I must have (aka on my wishlist until I calm down from newness frenzy) include the Nuria Swing Tank ($58), the Kennedia Tank ($88), the Eyelet Halter Top ($88), the Cosette Dress ($178), and the Wisteria Silk Dress ($188). How about you?

You can check out all the preview items (3 pages worth!) here.

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