Critical update: mini latte bowls are back!!!

They’re baaaaaack…and I couldn’t be happier! photo via Anthropologie Lenox

Need more proof that Anthropologie is listening to customer feedback? Beginning last week, several community members have noticed that some Anthro stores are once again stocking the previously-discontinued and mourned mini latte bowls!

A little smaller than a balled-up fist, these mini latte bowls are one of the cutest products Anthropologie offers and it was both a complete bummer and a total surprise when Anthro discontinued them a couple of years ago. So it’s a real delight to see them back in action!

Why are these bowls so special? Inside, a tribute and thanks..

Spotted in Chelsea Market (NYC) just last week, along with the regular Latte Bowls ($36/6 or $24/4), 
photo via my Instagram

What makes mini latte bowls so special? It’s a combination of things really. Firstly, the colors Anthro releases them in are always special. From aqua green to navy blue to regal purple and classic white, they work well with nearly any dining set combination.

Secondly, their size makes them very versatile. They are perfect for community dipping sauces, small desserts, snack portion control, condiments…just about any foodthing really. And they work just as well on a side table in the family room during a casual get-together as they do on the buffet for a family brunch or at a fine dining setting.

Thirdly, their shape and styling make them equally useful outside of the kitchen and dining room! I use one to hold rings and earrings on my night table, another holds pins while I’m sewing, and yet another has small change. When I want to change up the function or color it’s easy — one quick pop in the dishwasher while I grab a new color out of the cabinet!

What do you use your Mini Latte Bowls for? I’m very curious!

Unfortunately at the time of this writing these amazing bowls necessary to my survival are only available in-store — the product page is still showing the old, sold out variety from a few years ago. I have to imagine they’ll be online here soon to…

Update May 17th: they’re online now!

…right Anthro? Mini Latte Bowls? Online? Please?

Sidenote: The last 14 days have been a whirlwind of technology pain for me, seeing my iPhone 6 die, having to pay full unsubsidized price for a new 6s, then that phone dying before it turned 9 days old. Recovering from all that running around phoneless now, and I injured my foot over the weekend to boot. A little behind on emails, comment replies and posts as a result, will be catching up over the next few days!

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