Metapost: I’m off to see the mecca, the wonderful mecca of Anthropologie

All photos in this post are from the Portland Anthropologie’s Instagram feed.

There I was sitting in my hanging chair, reading a book and pondering Anthropologie’s mysterious markdown cycle when my phone rang. Who could it be? I wondered.

I answered the phone and who could it be? My friends over at Anthropologie! They’ve opened their first department store you see. And being the Anthro super fan that I am, they wondered if it would be a delight for me to go and see all the wonderful stuff in this new Anthropologie.

Of course, of course, I said happily, I was hoping you’d call and say just this thing! So since that day not so long ago I’ve planning this trip wishing it was tomorrow. Now the day has finally arrived for me to hop on JetBlue and fly baby, fly.

While I’m out in Oregon I’ll be doing lots of running around, hiking and sightseeing and driving all over town. We’re staying up on Mount Hood on Thursday eve — in the hotel lodge featured in the exterior shots of “The Shining.”

The main event for this trip will naturally be the visit to this huge, gigantic newly expanded Anthropologie. I’ll be taking tons of pictures, and a photographer is joining me in tow for multiple features next week and some outfit photos!

While I’m gone the blog will be updating regularly (ironically my last two days off from work have given me more time to write than I’ve had in months) but I won’t be responding to comments as much. MacGruffRuff will be monitoring things but feel free to report spam or inappropriate comments and I’ll check in when I can. You should also feel free to use ANY post as an open post so that if a new promotion launches we community members can help keep each other informed.

To whet our drool a bit, here are some photos from around the store via the Portland Anthro’s Instagram account, which you should follow even if you don’t live in Portland or Oregon, because it’s awesome:

This is me rushing off to the new Anthropologie…
…and this will likely be me after the visit.

Stay tuned for the features on Anthro’s Portland Department Store next week, with plenty of discussion to come afterwards! You can follow along on my trip out there via my Instagram.

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