Check your inboxes Anthro lovers…

It’s a lovely one-two punch from Anthropologie tonite! Check your email inboxes Anthro lovers because you might be among the lucky set who received their latest survey — and there’s a special treat attached. Complete the survey by April 17th and receive a 15% off your full-price purchase code that can be used online or in stores in the USA or Canada (you’ll want to take a screenshot to use the code in-store).

Not everyone receives the surveys — it’s been awhile since I got one — so not everyone will be able to take advantage of this promo. However for those of us that do get it, what a nice treat! Thanks Anthropologie.

Oh, and how lovely is this? Among the blogs listed under the question, “Which of the following print magazines, online journals or blogs do you read? Please check all that apply” look who made the cut: us!! EA! Effortless Anthropologie!!! Who did her happy dance tonite? That’s right — THIS GIRL.

Awwww yeah Anthropologie. Doesn’t take much to make me happy. Did you receive this survey, community?

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