What’s landed on my Anthropologie wishlist this week…

Spring lives in the Alicante Dress ($268).

Was Anthropologie waiting for me to go on vacation before releasing a whole onslaught of new pretties? As I’m updating my wishlist, all I see are things I want. Lots and lots of them! Some of my latest cravings have a feeling of the familiar — like the Alicante Dress ($268) above, which reminds me of my beloved Sugared Ruby Sheath. Some of my newest desires are intriguingly different.

Inside, my wishlist’s latest…

Loving the back of the Meret Cami ($78).

I am loving the little design details Anthropologie is finding room for on its items. I feel like they are starting to nail the classics with a twist idea that I adore them for. Tops like the Meret Cami ($78) have a sleek and easy feeling — one might even say effortless, ha — that work well off of the more intricate designs Anthro creates. I think this tank would look adorable with the Skyflower Shorts ($78), another new wishlist item of mine.

The Briza Tank ($98).

That goes for work-ready pieces like the Briza Tank ($98) too, an item that has a modern sleek appeal with just the right feminine twist. I am drooling over here, Anthro! Can’t wait to try this one on.

A few of the other new tops that made my wishlist include the colorful splashed Elsie Tank ($128) and at the opposite end of the color spectrum, the Bauhaus Silk Tunic ($286) which looks like it would move beautifully.

Since Anthropologie has devoted this month to dresses we’re going to talk about them a lot on the blog, so I’ll keep this section short for now. I am tickled by the cuteness of the Sugared Hearts Midi Dress ($448), even if the heart design may be too on-the-nose…I wish it came in a top too. The Camellia Dropwaist Dress ($148) is also very intriguing to me…I have a party coming up for a museum exhibit opening I’m doing product design for, and this dress might fit the bill nicely.

The Splendid Kenya Heels ($138).

Over in shoes, I’m truly delighted by all of the thicker heels Anthro is offering for Spring. Living in the city my shoes get trashed quickly and the thinner the heel, the more likely it is to get caught in that space between sidewalk tiles, or the nooks of cobblestones, even the door of taxis. Shoes like the Splendid Kenya Heels ($138) are beautiful, functional and stable, a killer combination in my book! The higher Splendid Jayla Heels ($158) look fun for date night as do the Jordana Heels ($240), and I have mentioned the Seychelles Prime Heels ($100) before but it’s worth highlighting them again…they are so cute!

Other accessories that caught my eye include the awesome Terreno Mini Tote ($58), the beautiful Blanca Collar Necklace ($498), and the warm-looking Cashmere Poncho ($275). I want it in all 3 colors!

What’s new to your wishlist this week?

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