Come to mama! Lien.Do’s Morelia Heels ($140).

It’s a beautiful scene of wet, white snow stuck to everything in sight this morning in NYC. Since I missed the blizzard my birthday weekend, this is such a delight to me! Safely indoors after a romp with Cinnamon in the snow I’m poring over more of Anthropologie’s site, catching up on all the new goodies I’ve missed while I was in Costa Rica. This morning the newest accessories have grabbed me — so many pretty things!

Let’s pretend like it’s 80 degrees out right now and discuss what we’d wear on our digits and toes, shall we?

The Morelia Heels ($140) come in black too. (And red!)

My eyes were not scanning the shoes for long before they settled on the Morelia Heels ($140), shown topping this post in brown motif — with a cute turquoise toe strap! — and black immediately above. I love the thicker heel. I adore the colorful toe strap. I die for the lower heel. Yes, 3.5″ is a lower heel in my book.

I’m glad that Anthropologie has clarified that Lien.Do is by Seychelles; I was unaware of the connection last year until a community member educated me. In my experience Seychelles’s sandals are among the most comfortable out there no matter how high the heel, so I am definitely trying these on and likely buying them in multiple colors. But, then, oh, what to do? Because I’m also in love with…

…and these Seychelles Dreamy Wedges ($100)!

And that was before I spotted these Seychelles Prime Heels ($100) in black & white! I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t have a ton of closet space, because otherwise I would have an entire shelf or two devoted to just shoes. I’m forced to keep my collection smaller by space constraints and budget.

Doesn’t stop me from dreaming though. My dream closet and dream unlimited budget include plenty of space for the Billy Ella Embroidered Pumps ($198), Vicenza Astres Flats ($118), Rachel Comey Coppa Heels ($418) and New Balance 530 Sneakers ($100), because I love sneakers with flowers on them as much as the next girl. My compliments to Anthropologie’s shoe buyers! After years of sometimes head-scratching shoe choices, more than ever I’m loving what they have to offer.

Now, let’s play a word association game! I’ll show you a photo, and then you share the first words that come to mind…I’ll share too.

Anthropologie’s version of the abacus. Delight!

Candy jewelry necklace.
Appeals to my eclectic side.
Which jewel justifies the price?

Salsa dancing.
Or Carnival?

Itziar Drops ($478).
Owls made of flowers.

Anemone Ring ($358).
Dance on my fingers for hours — unless this ring is as heavy as it looks!

Anthropologie continues to spread its jewelry wings, commissioning ever more artisans for its intricate pieces and various collections. I tend to gravitate towards more delicate pieces for the stuff I actually wear, but my inner 6-year-old also adores all of these big fun statement options.

The Miriam Haskell collection in particular, which includes the Itziar Drops ($478) and Anemone Ring ($358) above, as well as stunners like the Corsage Ring ($308), Rosalie Bib Necklace ($678) and Septime Charm Bracelet ($598) have such whimsical appeal. Now I know that many of you may be thinking, but those prices!! It’s not that I disagree but I do not think Anthropologie is targeting the everyday buyer with these pieces. These would be amazing special occasion gifts — a significant anniversary, an achievement of great note at work, a daughter’s first prom, a wife’s pregnancy, etc. A momento that I would always treasure, tied to an event. Or no event at all…perhaps just because. I’m tickled to see these options among Anthro’s repertoire.

A new mini-tote for me, yes please! The Terreno Mini Tote ($58).

Plenty of delights wait in the bags new arrivals too; such as the cute and functional Terreno Mini Tote ($58), which I love in both color combos. Anthro’s making it very hard to decide! The yummy Cotati Crossbody Bag ($375) is high on my list, as are the Aloe Print Tote ($635) and the Woodwardia Shoulder Bag ($478) from the February lookbook.

Whew! Even my dream closet and budget are feeling pretty stuffed and wiped out. What new accessories are on your wishlist right now?

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