Anthropologie’s tiny, postcard-sized February 2016 catalogue

Check your mailboxes, and maybe double-check them, because if you’re not on the lookout for it you could easily miss Anthropologie’s February 2016 lookbook. This is no 100-page book. Instead, its form factor is more like a postcard that unfolds into a flipbook — 6 pages, front and back to be exact. Hardly the catalogues of yore we’re used to…

…the catalogue is about 3/4 the size of my iPad mini, and printed on stiff photo paper. It’s adorable but doesn’t exactly feel like a catalogue to me…

…and inside, well, there’s a few cute looks but not much to see. Less than 8 pages of clothing, a two-page spread devoted to home…one page to a bag.

I get it, it’s winter, and unless you’re a winter baby like me you’re probably hibernating. But come on! We’re so eager to buy pretty transitional clothing. I guess Anthro decided a tease was the way to go this. But hey, at least you February Aquarians and Pisceans get a catalogue. Last month all we early Water Bearers and late Capricorns got was notta. Nothing at all!

More on the outfits from the lookbook in this post.

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