Anthropologie’s best SALE promo of the year is back!!

…and it’s back! Anthropologie has reinstated its extra 40% off sale items promo! This move is not unexpected (thank you tipsters!!) but is probably not great for Anthropologie, earnings-wise. Unfortunately for them there’s lots — and lots — of stuff languishing in the sale section right now so this is probably the best way to clear things out. Use the code XTRA40 at checkout.

This promo is valid both in-store and online, but cannot be combined with other promos like the birthday discount (which I am holding in my hot little hand right now along with my fellow early Aquarians and Capricorns). It looks to me like the store fulfillment is off for now — several items I had my eye on suddenly went out of stock last night.

Anthro updated the sale selection a few days ago with new items, and here are a few other awesome items currently available to buy — all prices are before the extra 40% off promo is applied:
AG Stevie Ankle Cords (now $130), Style No. 4122011334548
Beaded Fairisle Pullover (now $80), Style No. 4114265404302
Caya Draped Pullover (now $100), Style No. 4114339214665
Current Tank (now $40), Style No. 4112463691004
Cutout Stripes Dress (now $80), Style No. 4130339185315
Denimknit Cocoon Dress (now $80), Style No. 4130011338449
Dipped Scoop Tank (now $30), Style No. 35519149
Ephemere Dress (now $330), Style No. 4130346071414
Laced Funnelneck Pullover (now $100), Style No. 4113086694244
Lanka Tunic Dress (now $100), Style No. 4130089867993
Lourdes Swing Dress (now $90), Style No. 4130221641023
Moonbeam Skirt (now $90), Style No. 4120450021000
Nolina Pullover (now $50), Style No. 4112265634444
Northland Moto Jacket (now $80), Style No. 4115237439888
Oxford Leather Moto Jacket (now $460), Style No. 4133208310086
Paeonia Dress (now $90), Style No. 4130024091008
Pilcro Serif Legging Cords (now $70), Style No. 4122095147799
Pilcro Stet Cords (now $70), Style No. 4122506687542
Pleated Empire Tee (now $30), Style No. 4112089937016
Shimmer Spot Skirt (now $130), Style No. 4120210691010
Sugar Pine Sweater Coat (now $230), Style No. 4114265404294
Sweaterstitch Moto Jacket (now $90), Style No. 4115202159115
Windowpane Car Coat (now $200), Style No. 4133069690012
Zella Skirt (now $90), Style No. 4120464033143

To me, this seems to be evidence that Anthro’s strategy of pricing items higher at the beginning with more promos and waiting longer to do 2nd/3rd/etc cuts might need some rethinking. What do you think community?

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