Tis the season for decorating with West Elm!

West Elm’s fresh wreaths are made to order and smell amazing, like the Magnolia Berry Wreath ($79).

Note: Anthropologie Sale is confirmed for tomorrow, so the Sale Guessing Game will be up this afternoon!

Like many retailers this season, West Elm has kicked off its Black Friday promotion a little early! Right now they are running their semi-annual Buy More Save More event, a tiered promo that can save you up to 25% off your purchase.

In the past I’ve used this promo to furnish my apartment — both my couch and my nightstands are from West Elm, as well as my favorite furry pillows — and this year I’ll likely use it to pick up most of my holiday decor.

Inside, more about their delightful wreaths and picks from all over the store, including some fun quirky gifts.

Let’s start off with details about this promo, which are easier to show you than to explain:

This promotion is valid in-store and online for a limited time — which usually means through Cyber Monday (11/30/2015). Sale items are included but not clearance items.

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My biggest delight in this promo are the wreaths! This year West Elm is offering made-to-order fresh wreaths among its assortment and my god they smell amazing. I know that for many families wreath-making is a holiday tradition but when you live in a tiny NYC apartment assembling a messy but beautiful wreath sounds less appealing; I’m happy to let someone more talented than I put them together. In addition to holiday-themed wreaths like the Berries + Cones Wreath ($75) there are also options that just say ‘fall’ or ‘winter’ like the Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath ($59) which has a clean, bright scent or the Fall Safflower Wreath ($69) which a friend of mine has hanging in her kitchen.

And if you prefer non-scented wreaths, West Elm has other options like the simple yet pretty Birch Wreath (now $30) or the LED Glitter Wreath (now $63). They’re not quite wreaths but how pretty are these LED Light-Up Rings (now $47-$182)?

Tealights make for lovely non-Menorah Hanukkah decor.

Kudos to West Elm for having a Hanukkah section…even if it is populated mostly by stuff that’s simply silver (and gold, which no, Hanukkah is silver and cobalt blue, come on guys!) rather than specific Hanukkah stuff like Crate & Barrel does. I own several of the Mercury Tealights ($5-$27) above, love the Metallic Pillar Candleholders (now $9-$63), need the Mirror Trays ($59-$149) in my life and I’m swooning over the Stamped Metal Charger ($24) for under Matzoh Ball Soup.

Two+ years after moving from my much-missed apartment in the sky on Wall Street to my equally bright but much lower tenement apartment in Harlem, the walls in my ‘new’ place are still embarrassingly bare. Part of this is because I’ve always thought of this place as a temporary stop-gap between the ridiculously high rents appearing down in Financial District and the exorbitant cost of owning here in Manhattan. (Our every bid so far has been beaten by a Euro or Far Eastern buyer offering all cash, as my eyes goog out of my head.)

But now as it appears that we’ll wait things out for the housing market here to slow down just a bit, I’ve started to think of my current place more as home. Now I want to put up art on the walls! Pieces like the Capsule Ink Diptych – Half Moon ($199-$799 depending on size).

Then there are pieces I’ve had my eye on since last year, like the Whitewashed Wood Wall Art ($369-$1399), the Framed Watercolor Series (1 // 2 // 3 // 4) and its seemingly similar match called Dance ($139-$199).

I also love the Anthro-esque feel of the Peruvian Artisan Mirrors ($34-$59) and their medium siblings ($199).

A brass hashtag — the perfect gift for the social media obsessee in your family.

Over in gift-buying mode, West Elm has some adorable quirky little decorative accents, like the Brass Hashtag ($19) above as well as its cousin the @ ($19) in brass too. I’m more a fan of the Brass Cheers Word Art ($29) or Antique Brass Piggy Bank ($24) myself, though the latter hardly looks big enough to hold much!

Then there are the many terrariums, which are ideal gifts for an apartment-dweller. I’m partial to the Cube Terrarium ($49) myself but also like the pretty Brass Cage Terrariums ($64), the classic Open-Face Terrariums ($19-$39) and the Glass Terrariums ($79), which would be perfect for the more scientific-leaning people in your family.

Ah, West Elm, I could go on and on about you! Will you be taking advantage of this promo? If I had room for it, I’d buy the Tulip Leather Chair ($799) in a heatbeat.


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