Take an extra 30% off Anthropologie’s sale!!

Beginning this very moment, Anthropologie has launched a new promotion for the weekend — take an extra 30% off all sale items! Use the code XTRAXTRA at checkout.

This promotion is valid online only at the moment but should be in stores too tomorrow, and will last at least through the weekend (after that, I can’t say for sure yet.) One can only hope this promo will keep going and that there will be new markdowns on Monday too though it’s also a little too early to know about that as well.

Feel free to use this post to share popbacks. Is anyone else having a problem where there are a ton of product images not loading on Anthro’s website right now? All I see is the little confetti of loading right now…but the images never load.

Inside, what’s good on sale.

Highlights from this promo? There are many. It’s a little tough because now that Fall is officially here I’ve let my mind drift to layers and a lot of this sale stuff is summery. So it either has to be thinking of next year (always difficult when I know new pretties will tempt me by that time) or looking for items that are multiseason.

In dresses, the Daybreak Midi Dress (now $100, all prices in this post are before the promo discount) would be perfect for any future beach vacations I have and has me thinking ahead to my Costa Rica trip scheduled for January. The Textured Double-V Dress (now $90) seems like it could easily be winterized with a cardigan or sweater over it and some tights. The Calendula Dress ($130) would be perfect for the ballet or dressier events even this fall, and the pop of color would be a lovely thing in the winter, though I’m not sure what color tights I’d wear with it. Maybe I’ll give the Milany Embroidered Pencil Dress (now $330) another shot — the dress I ordered when it first went on sale runs very small (at least two sizes!) and did in fact smell pretty odorous as the two current online reviews state. If you’re down with carrying white through all seasons (certainly it’s become the norm here in NYC) then the Savoie Midi Dress (now $230) becomes more in-reach with this promo, though I’d also recommend picking up the belt paired with it because the dress is very plain without it. Girls From Savoy’s beautiful Bon Voyage Dress (now $100) is one of my summer favorites, perhaps it could be yours too — next summer. Or if you live in a maritime environment that stays warmer longer, now too. Throw a cropped navy cardigan over it for a fall look. Some lucky size 12 should pick up the Eventide Embroidered Organza Dress (now $190), which after the 30% off becomes an amazing price for Anna Sui! Love that dress so much.

Skirtwise I wish the Colorblock Circle Skirt (now $200) had even one review to help me out. How is the Swirled Snail Skirt (now $70) still around? It was such a community delight! Just a 6 left in the Colorfield Pencil Skirt (now $150) — who will get it?

Over in tops, I hope Anthropologie is paying attention to what’s languishing in sale, because the images tell the tale that aside from the occasional masterfully-executed box, we don’t want peplum tops anymore or boxy tops or short boxy tops and especially not shapeless tops. That said, there are a few tops I like still available in sale. I’m surprised the Enna Tank (now $50) isn’t completely gone yet, but it does seem like a bunch of colors and sizes popped back. Ditto the Avocet Henley Tank (Now $50). I own and love the Tri-Cut Blouse (now $40) in both solid colors (go with your true size for more length). I want the Pleated Posies Tank (now $250) something awful, yet I’m wondering if I should hold out to see if it gets cut further

In other places, I’m glad I bought the Laced Peplum Jacket (now $130) when I did but I’m also jealous of anyone who scores it during this promo for considerably less than what I paid! Now might be a good time to pick up new sunglasses as a whole bunch are on sale!

Will you be partaking in this extra 30% off sale promo?

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