Afternoon delight: My new lipstick obsession

I’m not abandoning NARS as my favorite makeup brand but I am making a little more room on my medicine cabinet makeup shelf. Who’s joining NARS among my stuff?

You may already know the answer…

It’s Christian Louboutin! Although I have to admit that Louboutin shoes mostly do nothing for me — though I do admittedly stalk eBay for a pair of 100mm Pigalle Pollocks — the new ‘The Lip Color’ and the ‘The Nail Colour’ lines have me flipping my lid.

First of all, the product design is exquisite. The “silky satin” colors have a smooth, slightly shiny case. The “velvet matte” lip colors have a smooth, matte case. And the “sheer voile” colors (my favorites, more below) have a textured case. And anything in “Louboutin rouge” comes in a black case, with the red revealed inside. Much like the shoe! Each case looks like a finely designed perfume vessel, or perhaps an heirloom pen, with a cap that looks like a crown. Even the lip definer gets its own crown closure.

That fun design aesthetic continues over in the nail packaging, which features a small (very small) glass polish holder topped by a spike — one of the Louboutin shoe collection’s go-to themes for Fall 2015. While the colors themselves seem like standard runs for luxury brands I’m dying over the detail products, like the “Under the Red” nail pen, which allows you to draw fine lines of red on your nails — or under your nails. You know, like the red shoe sole the brand is famous for? Cheeky and cute! The Nail Care Kit could also be a great gift for your friend who loves luxury that’s beyond your (and most everyone else’s) gifting budget.

I had an opportunity to try several of the lip colors today and here are my thoughts. First, I’m not a fan of matte lipsticks to begin with (they dry my lips out far too much) but I did like the matte lip colour in Djalouzi (a plum) and Survivita (a red with purple undertones).

From the silky satin lip colour, Tres Decollete was a huge hit for me. I’ve been looking for a lighter nude pink and this one might be it! My lips have light lavender tones to them mixed with natural pink, and this color balances out my natural tones perfectly for a pink look that isn’t too close to my fair my skin yet not electric pink either. I also liked Pluminette, which is that brighter fun pink.

And finally from the sheer voile colors, the type of lipstick I prefer for its lightness and relative moisture, You You seems like the perfect late-year color for me with its deep, vibrant purple hue. I also loved Petal Rose, which on me was a deeper pink that subtly framed my lips. The makeup expert showing me the colors lined my lips with the Leanue Lip Definer with the latter color, and the overall effect was quite pretty.

Expensive? Totally. Worth it? I think so, I have a few of the Tom Ford lippies and I treasure my Serge Lutens lippie as well. These are the kind of rare gems that it’s fun to have one or two of for special occasions when I want to feel especially worth it. Will you be checking out this collection too?

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