On the hunt: Finding items elsewhere, for less

This awesome peplum vegan leather tank is sold out at Anthropologie — but available elsewhere!

I love Anthropologie. It’s my favorite store in the world to shop at! I want them to do well. But even I am not above wondering on occasion if I can find the same third-party items Anthropologie carries somewhere else…for less.

Most times I don’t really care enough to hunt the items down elsewhere. The customer experience at Anthropologie is great, and I’m not against paying for that. Nearly all of my purchases there are full-price items. On other occasions though my spending budget is stretched before I feel done shopping, and that encourages me to seek out deals. I mean, even Nordstrom price matches! Your closest competitor, Anthro. They are wise.

Sometimes Anthropologie has the item for less — they’ve marked it down first or just priced it a few dollars lower. Sometimes though I can find the item I’m looking for elsewhere at a big savings. Whether it’s helping a community member hunt down an item they want that’s sold out at Anthropologie, or an item from my own wishlist that went on sale somewhere else first, inside are lots of deals on Anthro items…just not at Anthropologie.

Then, this afternoon we’ll take a look at some items that are worth the splurge. I look forward to hearing the community’s most lusted-after items!

(Sorry Anthro. I still love you!)

Anthropologie price: (now $50, sold out online)
Elsewhere: on sale for $50, or available in white for $38-$44
Anthropologie price: $295
Elsewhere: $125 + an extra 25% off using the code SAVE at checkout

Anthropologie price: $70
Elsewhere: $30 

Anthropologie price: $235

What current or just sold-out Anthropologie items have you found deals on elsewhere? Please share in the comments!

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