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The Crystal Wreath Collar ($68) — one of many BaubleBar pretties that EA community members can buy at a discount!

If your jewelry game has been feeling a little lackluster lately, the time is here to up your game! From now until 11:59 PM ET on July 19th, enjoy 25% off full price BaubleBar items using the code EFFTANTH25 at checkout!! That’s right, this code is just for the EA community. Aww, BaubleBar, you really know how to treat a girl well.

Inside, complete outfits inspired by brilliant BaubleBar pieces, and some of my other favorite items from their site. Plus, full details on the discount code including exclusions.

I’m a big fan of costume jewelry — I have a necklace and a pair of earrings to go with nearly every outfit, plus bracelets, watches and rings to wear as I desire. Oftentimes rather than getting rid of clothing, I find that simply buying a new necklace can completely refresh a look in my mind. So I’m always on the hunt for fun, versatile jewelry pieces that will make a solid addition to my closet.

Cruising around the BaubleBar site, I thought it would be fun to share some of my outfit ideas based on the jewelry pieces that jumped out at me. All of these pieces are in my cart and likely to come home as part of my discount code purchase.

First up, here’s a neutral-toned outfit centered around a fun statement necklace (that also comes in silver-turquoise, which I want too!).


You can wear the gold version of the fringe necklace with high necklines or v-necks. It will work great with tops in black, lavender, white, or grey. If fringe isn’t quite your thing, you could easily swap out the necklace I picked with this sundial option, this collar similar to the one topping the post, or this bib (love the two-tone version!).

I’ve loved trio necklaces for as long as I can remember and I’m so excited to see all the options retailers are offering right now. Although it looks fancy at first glance, I got definite boho vibes from the Facets Layered Necklace ($42), and went the boho route with my outfit suggestion.


This necklace is great because it works with pretty much any neckline so long as the neckline isn’t too low-cut. It can also work with nearly any color, though it may get lost on yellow.

Another way to make my own trio necklace is by buying three small necklaces with chains of different lengths and wearing them all simultaneously. For the next outfit, I picked two short necklaces and one longer one for some added fun.


You don’t have to pair this trio with a dress — it would look great with anything from a casual tee shirt-shorts outfit all the way up to a date night dress look. Half the fun is switching out one or two of the necklaces for another option — I’m also a fan of this bar and this one, this beautiful baguette strand and this enjoyable tassel pendant!

Next up, a longer fringe pendant left me undecided between showcasing a dressier look or a casual look…so I decided to share both.


With a longer fringe necklace like this, I avoid a top with too much pattern. The placement of the underlayer on the Merise Swing Tank ($118) is perfect for drawing eyes right to the pretty pendant. Next comes the casual outfit idea.


I would wear this look everyday in the summer if I could get away with it. You won’t tell, will you?

Lastly, a delicate necklace makes the perfect finishing touch for an intricate look.


Ahh, yet another reason to invest in the Neva Crochet Tank ($168) I’m so intrigued by, right?
The Ice Scallop Pendant ($32) is the kind of jewelry item that gets tons of mileage in my closet, because it can be worn with so many outfits. I often go two weeks or more wearing the same necklace every day — something I can easily see myself doing with this one.

Of course, BaubleBar doesn’t just do necklaces. Below are my picks from around the site — lightweight ear crawlers that highlight eyes, ear jackets and cuffs that add a delicate finishing touch to pulled back hairdos, drops that work with everything and a couple of super fun rings!

Ahhh, the perks of being an EA reader — a special promo with BaubleBar, just for us! What will you buy with this limited-time discount code?

Here are the full details of the EA-BaubleBar code!
Get 25% off full price items with code EFFTANTH25
*Offer valid through 11:59 PM EST on 7/19/2015. Not valid on promotionally priced products. Prior purchases cannot be adjusted. Must enter the above promo code at checkout. One per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other exclusions may apply.

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