Investigating Anthropologie’s newest arrivals

My body is in New York but my mind has already made the jump to Costa Rica.
Perhaps I’ll pack Anthro’s Dip-Dye Linen Tunic ($152).

Hello from home in NYC, where I have about 3 days before hitting the road again. After a beautiful vacation in Stowe, Vermont I am chilling on my couch til New Year’s Eve. With 2014 drawing to a close I’m looking ahead to January 2015 and all the delightful things it will bring. Snow! (Hopefully.) My birthday! (Excitedly.) And trips to warm weather. (Finally!) I’ve got another 6 weeks of work-related travel before settling down back home, so it’s going to be a little while yet before I can get into a store to do any reviews. Hopefully on one of my home layovers I can make the trip to try some stuff on.

Is Anthropologie releasing a January catalogue? I’m not even sure…usually they have their lookbook previews up by now but there’s nothing yet. January babies always get the shaft as everyone else comes down off their holiday highs. Even without a lookbook Anthro’s mind is clearly on resort with some transitional winter pieces mixed in and so is mine. Inside, some of my favorites from the latest releases.

It is still winter outside of course so my body is craving some big comfy sweaters to warm up in around the apartment and on weekend jaunts. The Teddy Cowl Pullover ($178) and Soana Cowl Pullover ($188) seem like great options although oversized. I love the look of the Kebren Stripe Knit Dress ($138)…I feel like it would work now and in the spring too depending on its weight. Definitely tops on my must-try-on list right now.

My New Year’s Eve plans changed unexpectedly. I’m now attending a more formal gathering and crossing my fingers and toes that the Emerald Facet Flared Dress ($168) I ordered somehow arrives in time to wear tomorrow evening. I chose overnight shipping…please please please come pretty party dress!

But beyond that my mind is firmly at the beach, where I could wear the Riva Tunic ($245) or Pelagia Cape ($400) after surfing the waves on a windy Hawaii morning; or the Dahlia Embroidered Maxi Dress ($198) or Embroidered Callie Dress ($210) I could wander around Costa Rica in on one of my work retreat’s off days. I do like Anthropologie’s pretty swim options as always but as always they have exactly 0 options for D cups, so that makes me kind of angry.

Have you tried on any of Anthropologie’s newest releases? What’s new to your wishlist, to your closet? What are you hoping to see released soon? (WORK CLOTHING perhaps??)


  1. May 23, 2019 / 2:02 am

    Founder of eHarmony returns to supply tough love

    Neil Clark Warren thinks he the right match for eHarmony.

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    He closed some of the company unprofitable global marketplace operations, Switched advertisement firms and whittled down the nine member board to just himself and one other director. Through a mixture of layoffs and voluntary departures, the company went from 260 employees a year ago to 160 today. next, Just 15 percent of eHarmony staff has been with organization at least five years.

    But Warren biggest move might be his goal of expanding eHarmony brand to include not simply online matchmaking. He wants to make eHarmony a broad site inclusive of services to help users make new friends, find the proper job, Become better moms and dads, Cope with aging and solve sociable problems, amongst others.

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    And eHarmony growth has retarded: Its 2012 revenue is projected at $275 million, back up 3.8 percent from last year. that the majority of down from 2008, the second eHarmony saw 16.4 percent annually growth, IBISWorld talked about.

    By rolling out seven or eight new concepts over introduced, EHarmony hopes to leverage its brand to new members and to the 44 million new registered users it has had since launching 12 years ago.

    Think we could have had a great business forever matching people for marriage. But our feel was, We could do above what that, Warren wanted to say

    Analysts said it a logical next step for a company that has amassed a treasure chest of data over the years.

    Have the thrill word of big data, And that lends itself to all sorts of different things. when you mine that data, You might uncover various problems that could create another business, considered Kerry Rice, Senior computer and digital media analyst at Needham Co. imagine that a fair strategy. EHarmony manages that wealth of member information users fill out an extensive set of questions when they join the site, Answering questions regarding their daily habits, likes and dislikes, Past experiences and goals is a key to whether the new ventures are successful, discussed Mark Brooks, An online dating service industry consultant.

    Seen a few online dating companies moving into other areas and failing, Brooks rumoured. In the case of eHarmony it makes a lot of sense because they have deeper info on their users than any other company I can think of. Brooks said he doesn want eHarmony to lose focus on its core business, Which question will likely have been a half a billion a year revenue company by now. A judgments Warren doesn dispute. EHarmony has been comparing his CEO visit as similar to when Steve latino dating Jobs returned to Apple in the 1990s, And is hoping that a tighter understanding between the company and its founder helps it get back on track.

    typically, EHarmony has seen its business stabilize and shown growth in some key areas, middle management said.

    The private company declined to release financial details but said new memberships increased 20 percent in the last month from the month before. It also said a member average total amount spent on the site is up 15 percent annually (Membership costs vary but are normally $60 monthly or about $250 annually, Among the highest in the industry).

    Have a good flight coming up, says Armen Avedissian, EHarmony new chief driving officer. Got excessively 1.2 million individuals who have been married using the eHarmony services. We going to try to expand it into other fields and see how far that takes us.

    He magnificent wife of 53 years, Marylyn, Moved from a spacious home in Maine to a two bedroom residential home in Santa Monica. He takes a cab to my workplace and puts in 12 hour days. He jokes that he must be one of the oldest CEOs in the area but says he plans to keep this up for five years before retiring for good.

    It a grueling set up, But one Warren said he felt compelled to take on as the company moves beyond international dating.

    Wasn sure there was a right person besides me, he explained. Has as much absolute passion for this issue, i, As i actually do.

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