I love it when a story has a happy ending! (RewardStyle update)

Note: This is an update to this post.

Is this an early holiday miracle of sorts? I’d like to think so. After two months of ongoing discussions with RewardStyle I’m delighted to share that the matter has been resolved amicably, and that my relationship with them has returned to ‘good’ status from ‘hmmmm’ status.

Although I was not able to recover all of the commission I lost back in May, RewardStyle was able to recover a good chunk of the commissions working with the publisher whose tracking had failed. Their technical team did a lot of digging on my behalf just as I would expect from any partner. While I was digging into the issue more deeply on my side RS’s team made several higher level managers available to me to talk through everything I saw and work through our discrepancies together. What started off pretty rough turned out to be a good learning experience for everyone involved.

I want to thank the community because your support has been instrumental to me in this issue!! Many of you reached out to me to offer advice, words of support, and alternate roads for me to travel down. I’ve gotten emails from you to check in on the progress which is why I wanted to share the update here. Not only that, I was (happily!) shocked when several of my advertisers and partners reached out to express their support. Having a wide range of people behind me helped to galvanize trudging through sludge to arrive at this satisfactory outcome.

I feel this issue has been resolved to the best result possible for all parties. One of the frequent suggestions I received was working with another affiliate partner…and while that’s an avenue I already pursue by diversifying my resources, RewardStyle is a valuable partner for me and I like keeping my partnerships intact. They do what they do well. So long as everything remains in good standing with no surprises and nothing changes moving forward, everything is good again! And that makes me happy.

Most importantly, there is now a gameplan in place moving forward that focuses on prevention of issues like this as well as a quicker response when issues do happen and clearer lines of communication. I have to say that my Account Manager at RS has been amazing through all of this and a pleasure to work with. I have learned so much too, between making sure I keep my own analytics data longer and communication improvements I can make. Owning a small business is a challenging yet rewarding learning experience!

A few years ago I went through a similarly challenging issue with another one of my affiliate partners, and today that relationship is golden with lots of shared wins for both sides. I hope that a similar future lies ahead with RewardStyle.

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