UPDATE: This location closed in February of 2015. Final Cut is opening in a new location! Details in this post.

A few weeks ago a community member mentioned that Anthropologie (and its parent company, Urban Outfitters) had opened a Clearance Center called Final Cut. Beaux decided to make the trip to Augusta, GA to check the place out and has written a fantastic guest post chock full of photos and the story of her (successful!) hunting. If you like Anthropologie’s furniture or BHLDN’s wedding dresses this tale may be of particular interest to you.

After the jump, Beaux takes over. And at the end, details about Final Cut.

Hi everyone! I’m Beaux, a longtime EA reader.

So after seeing a mention of the new Final Cut store on the EA blog, I knew I’d make a trip down there sometime. What I didn’t know is that it would be a week later! I figured I had the time and the cash in hand. The store has a Facebook page where they post photos of the latest items in-stock. I checked out their FB page to see what was in stock before heading down.

It’s an easy drive off the highway, just make sure you get off on Bobby Jones Expy WESTBOUND, where the sign says Martinez.

Here’s the address:
216 Bobby Jones Expy,
Martinez, GA
(803) 275 – 1406
Open 10 to 7, Monday-Saturday

Otherwise you will waste 20 minutes trying to find your way back again. Luckily the girls at the bank knew exactly where I wanted to go.

The storefront is totally non-descript, not promising. Interestingly, it is next door to the URBN call center. There is a typically Anthropologie type quote outside the door. Something about weeds still make flowers, something like that!

But you go inside and HOLY COW, there are clothes!

And furniture!
And odds and ends!
And beds! Lots of Coralie beds, fulls, kings, queens…

And Randy and his buddy who put everything together and help you load it into your car. 
(I asked Randy to pose like Vanna White and this is what he came up with. Fantastic!)

This is definitely the Kansai bookcase, but I didn’t look to see how much it is.

Tons of curtains, looks like more Urban Outfitters ones than Anthropologie. Another lovely bed.

Books and dressing rooms and tons of these sapphire velvet chairs which must be UO as well.
(Note from roxy: the chair is indeed Urban Outfitters, it’s called the Amelia Chair
and is sold out online.)

Chandeliers and one of the several piles of rugs.

Shoes, holy cow, the shoes! $25/a pair!!! One of the shoppers said they had been picked over a lot already.

I learned something interesting. Anthropologie used to auction off their furniture but have now decided to have this store instead. But they didn’t auction off their clothes. They had a warehouse of clothes going back to 2008. 2008. They have tons and tons of boxes that they are still unpacking. I don’t know when they are going to catch up with the backlog. But I sure bet there are some treasures in there. Below are some of the things I recognized as older Anthro.

(Note from roxy: Oh. My. God. 2008!!! I would die of happiness.)

This is the 8 x 10 Gloria’s Garden Rug that I purchased for $375 (currently $1298 online). There’s still one left. Behind is a gorgeous Amelia kilim sofa. They are $1200 and stunning. There were several there.

In the upper left of the photo below is this amazing dark turquoise leather Chesterfield sofa, it has a woven green and yellow and white fabric back. If only I needed one! The sofa with its back towards us is the Willoughby Settee. They also have the Shibori sofa and the Michelle Morin Harper Sofa for $1200. Be still my heart!

The sign below reads Tees and Tanks are $5 all others $15. 
There were a few higher priced (i.e. $298 Leifsdottir dress for $40) by the register.

Some are obviously NOT Anthopologie…
(Note from roxy: I think these are Urban Outfitters tees.)

Hei Hei skirt that I didn’t recognize. Maybe from last year. 
Apparently they also get sample clothes that are never put into production.

Free People skirt.

All bags are $25, belts and wallets are $5 or $10 I forget.
SO MANY wedding dresses, prices started at $25!!!!

Shirley B.! Lives nearby, said she stops by weekly, had thought about this Maeve dress all week and came back and it was still there. All dresses are $15 so looks like a deal to me.

Shibori sofa. Someone get this!

Jessica, the store manager. She is awesome! 
She knows the products and is very nice and reasonable to deal with.

Leifsdottir shoes from a couple of years ago.

The Harper Sofa (below). The chair on the right is an Orianna Chair.
On the left is what looks like a Willoughby Chair and ottoman, 
not sure if these ever made it into production. 
Orianna Sofa. (Final Cut price: $950. Retail price: $1,998!)

My purchases: I ended up with the Grafton Chair w/ the back cracked and needs glueing. There’s still another one there but it’s in worse shape. If I had noticed that a piece of wood was missing from this chair, I would’ve asked for more off:

Anthro – $698 (+ $30 shipping)
Final Cut – $200

Gloria’s Garden Rug – 8 x 10, in perfect condition:
Anthro – $1298
Final Cut – $375

Flea Market Find Table, in perfect condition:
Anthro – on sale for $198 (+ $75 shipping, was $298)
Final Cut – $100

Metal Accordion Side Table (perfect, to use as a plant stand):
Urban Outfitters – $89
Final Cut – $40

Total if purchased online: $2388
Total purchased at Final Cut: $715 = 70% off!

I was surprised that I didn’t buy more stuff but I bought exactly what I went down there to buy. Part of it was I was overwhelmed by all the choices and I wanted to get back north (I drove 310 miles down, shopped for an hour, then drove 310 miles back. A 12 hour trip!).

Very important:
You are responsible for the transport of any items you buy.

My recommendations:
Look on Facebook and Twitter and call ahead to see if the furniture you want is still in stock. Again: NO holds. NO shipping. NO charge-sends. Everything is final sale. Know your product! The Flea Market Find Table was $200 at Final Cut but $198.00 (down from $298) on the Anthro website. So I asked for another markdown on it and got it for $100.

There is a definite business opportunity here for a UPS or other type to store and/or ship stuff for shoppers. Maybe they will have something like this in the future.

But definitely GO TO FINAL CUT!


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    December 22, 2018 / 9:07 am

    Please let me know if this store is still open and where the new location is. Thanks

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