Take 20% off Anthropologie shoes, plus what is the deal with their shipping blindness?!?

The Zuid Spotted Heels (Now $143), among the shoes included in Anthropologie’s latest promo.

Anthropologie has launched a new promotion this morning — all shoes are now 20% off! (Sale shoes too!) If you’re interested in just one pair of shoes this promo might not inspire you because there’s no free shipping attached. However, if you’re looking at multiple pairs of shoes (as I am) or a particularly pricey pair then this becomes a great deal.

Inside, some picks and some discussion.

Laventa Booties (now $143)

Teagen Boots (now $236)

Huxley Heels (now $160)
or $140 here, $120 here, $100 here

Carcavas Heels (now $140)

Susana Heels (now $72)

Maricopa Wedges (now $135)

Marella Ballerinas (now $164)

Najash Shooties (now $300)

I’m not sure what Anthropologie’s hang-up regarding shipping is but it’s becoming very upsetting to me, to the point of putting me off from the store entirely. I’m incredibly disheartened by the comments I’ve seen and emails I’ve received about stores telling customers free shipping no longer applies to either orders placed by the store for items not stocked there, out of stock items or charge-sends (yes it’s always been the policy to add shipping fees to charge-sends but maybe 5% of stores followed it). To me, that smacks of trying to wring every last penny out of customers in a way that seems very cheap and icky. It feels icky!

When these 20% promos come around there are always many comments to the effect of the promo discount being wiped out by shipping costs. And for a smaller order that’s totally true. Anthropologie is losing sight of the forest for the trees here. If they get, let’s say, 500 fewer orders because of the shipping charge still in effect during this promo, they lose at least a 25% bump in revenue they could get by making shipping free during this promo. Make us pay an extra $16 (at minimum) in shipping, make $74,000 (assuming an average order tally of $148). Or blank the shipping and make $148,000 per 1,000 orders. Why is this so hard?!?!

Will you take advantage of this promotion? I very likely will. Maybe that makes me part of the shipping problem.

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