Today I am a little bit famous — again!

Every so often I open myself up a bit, expose my vulnerabilities and show the world who I really am.

Today is not one of those days! But it is the day that my good friend Jon from Jon of All Trades has posted a very fun interview with me. We talked about all things blogging…why I started one, what to know if you want to start one, why being a professional blogger is tough but wonderful, why people on the Internet say things they’d never say to your face, and why I love it all anyway.

You can listen to or download the program here. By the way, is this not the nerdiest photo of me ever??!? Right after brunch in Tribeca, taken by Jon’s lovely preggo wife Kristin. I look like I just won a million dollars. Which is kinda how it feels hanging out with those two.

Each week Jon interviews someone from a different industry, usually someone doing something different and cool from the normal everyday 9-5. I particularly loved his chat with A.V. Club contributor Jason Heller and dietitian Kate Schulz. Perfect lunch break or commute listening and a new interview goes up each week. I’m always excited for the latest podcast to go up!

I’ll be back later today with a fresh Anthropologie reviews set.

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