Reviews: Mender by Girls From Savoy f. Cumulus Dress, Plumage Dress, Schooner Dress, Anchor Point Top

Let’s twirl together, shall we? Reviews of several Mender by Girls From Savoy items,
including the beautiful Cumulus Dress ($275). 

When I met Pam and Melissa, the founders of Girls From Savoy, the whole time I was thinking man I hope I get to try some of this stuff on. When our interview was done the ladies asked me if I’d like to just that — hooray! Inside, a sponsored reviews set featuring a few beautiful frocks and one fabulous top.

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Cumulus Dress ($275) by Mender from Girls From Savoy, TTS

Note: For sizing reference I am 34-29-38, size 6/M in dresses and 6/M in tops, 34D. I am 5’8″.

Let’s kick of the reviews set with the dress I liked the best, the Cumulus Dress ($275). Ironically I didn’t even request to try this frock on originally — Melissa and Pam added it in for me because they thought I’d like it. And they were totally right! This 100% silk dress with a light poly lining has a beautiful summery cloud print in vivid blue, white grey and a touch of black. There are two ruffles criss-crossing over the chest, a removable sash I’ve got doubled up for the left-most photo above (shown tied back down below) and black piping at the hem. The straps are x-shaped over the shoulders which is a very pretty detail, though it does mean your bra strap is visible. I chose to wear a bra with a very thin strap so it’s not too noticeable.

The dress hits me right at the knees, perfect in my usual size 6. I was thrilled and surprised by this dress! It’s already gotten plenty of test drives on day dates and night dates and I wore it on one of those humid, sweltering 90+ degree NYC days where you just want to die and felt great all day. Hardly any sweat. Impressive! Perhaps my favorite part is the way the air catches the skirt…though this did lead to a pretty major wardrobe malfunction at the Broadway-Lafayette B/D/F/M/6 subway station. Oops.

Here’s how it looks out in the wild, sash single-looped and tied back:

Marvelous! It looks wonderful with my pale skin (that’s tan for me!) and darker hair. But I have a feeling it would work with any skin/hair combo. It’s one of those versatile, lovely, wonderful dresses. And silk to boot!

Why isn’t Anthro carrying this dress??!?

Plumage Dress ($245) by Mender from Girls From Savoy, TTS

If this halter-style dress looks familiar it should, since Anthropologie has carried about 50 variations of it. What I really like about the Plumage Dress ($245) is the tiered skirt. What I really don’t like about the dress is the mismatched pattern everywhere. Gah! It makes my eye twitch a bit. But at least the pattern mismatches everywhere so it looks intentional, rather than like a mistake as some items do.

This dress is 100% cotton with a crinkled sweetheart halter, defined waist and triple-tiered skirt. The halter strap is far too long on me which is always the case with these dresses. Note that the dress is cream, not white. There’s a stretch panel in the back to accommodate different chest sizes. The back is a little low for my taste but it does cover a bra band. It fell to my knees.

I think the skirt is the perfect mix of volume and a-line. Not too over the top! I felt great in my usual size 6. In most cases I’d probably ditch the halter strap (it’s removable via two buttons) and wear this as a strapless, likely over my bathing suit in high summer. Right now my thought is to wear it to a 4th of July BBQ I’ll be attending. This dress does seem perfect for summer parties, don’t you think?

Schooner Dress ($245) by Mender from Girls From Savoy, size down

I’ve been taking rowing classes for a few months now, and with summer here I’ve already spent a few days on the water for a special class. (It’s awesome!) Seems like I’ve been spending a ton of time on the water recently which makes the Schooner Dress ($245) all the more appealing. This dress has tons of boats on it — sailboards and gondolas and warships and pirate-looking ships. It’s just the kind of whimsical print I’d wear around Newport, RI or Cape Cod. 

This dress is 100% cotton in a slight off-white. It comes down to the knees and I LOVE the shoulders on this dress — beautiful thicker panels rather than straps. It’s nice to have a couple of dresses in classic styles like this! The waist is defined beautifully by a thick band and the bodice has cups with pleating similar to the Plumage Dress above. 

I started in my usual size 6 (shown down below) but it was very loose on me. So I’m in a 4 for the photos above which is the size I kept. Mostly I love this dress and I have a couple of quibbles. First, the pattern doesn’t line up at any of the seams. This was annoying in that I loved the pattern placement on the 6 shown below, especially how clear the waist is, and was less enthralled with the 6, which seems somewhat crowded with pattern around the waist. Secondly, the zipper on this dress is a back zip that goes all the way up to the neck. It was nearly impossible to zip alone! I had to ask for boyfriend help. 

Here’s how the 6 looked:

You can see how the bodice is hanging off me, especially on my left (right in the photo above). It be luck of the draw for the pattern, matey, but this here dress be staying with me in a 4, yarrrr!

Anchor Point Top ($145) by Mender from Girls From Savoy, size up if busty

The Anchor Point Top ($145) has delightful little arrows all over it and a super-cute lace trim along the bottom hemline! It has a seam just below the bust and three vertical seams that flare out slightly for a body-skimming but not hugging fit. There are two halter straps which tie behind the neck and a side zip. It’s 100% cotton.

I dig this top, but it is somewhat problematic for me. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get to the top trim to lay flat. One side pops up. I hit it with the iron. Then the other side pops up. I steam-shot it again! The bodice “lapels” just seem to want to cock an eyebrow over my bust, so to speak. Especially on my right side for whatever reason. Not a dealbreaker, but annoying.

I started off in my usual size 6 (shown below) but it was too tight around the bust. So I swapped it for a size 8 which you see on me above. If you’re busty you’ll want to do the same. There is a stretch panel in back but it accommodates C cups and below best in your normal size. I loooooove the lace trim around the bottom of the shirt, don’t love the mismatched seams and got tons of compliments on this top during a weekend picnic! It’s super easy to throw on over a bathing suit. And the length is great on my short torso!

Here’s the six, smushy smoosh:

Despite the lapel issues, I adore this tank top. Perhaps you will too! For just a few more days EA readers can take 20% off anything on Girls From Savoy’s website right now using the code EFFORTLESSFANS. 
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What do you think of the items I’ve reviewed here? Which one is your favorite?

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