Afternoon delight: Summer Essential

photo via Shopbop

Every so often during my online clothing hunt I come across an item that makes me stop in my tracks, forget what I was doing and just drool. I may not need every item I want, I may not be able to afford every item I want, but I can certainly appreciate every item I want!

Is it worse to be late to the party or to miss the party altogether? By the time I discovered the adorable romper you see above it was sold out nearly everywhere…perhaps it’s for the best seeing as how short shorts are not usually my friend. Free People’s styling of it is certainly interesting. I pictured it as a bathing suit coverup, perfect for those breezy Hawaiian afternoons when you want something over your bikini but not too much.

What I really love is the color combination. Chambray-like dusty blue with shocking white. The same combo is also available in a shirt (here and here) and a dress (here and here). My brain is feeling a little stuck on rompers now. Specifically the Yumi Kim Liz romper which comes in about 8 adorable print variations!
Ready? 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8! The first variation is probably my favorite, with the fourth not too far behind. They’re all amazing in their own way. It’s hard to believe that rompers are still hanging around…I thought they’d be a 2010 thing. Rompers never say die.

What’s your afternoon delight today?

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