Afternoon delight: Papillions, Mariposas, Farfelle

How about a beautiful crystal-encrusted butterfly clutch? Valentino’s got you covered.
From page 70 of Bergdorf Goodman’s June Magazine.

Every so often during my online clothing hunt I come across an item that makes me stop in my tracks, forget what I was doing and just drool. I may not need every item I want, I may not be able to afford every item I want, but I can certainly appreciate every item I want!

Today’s afternoon delight: the Valentino Butterfly collection and Pre-Fall 2014 collection. I’m in love with the current run of butterfly bags, from the pouch to the clutch to the tote to the Clover Canyon-esque patchwork tote. No wonder this bag from the collection already sold out. Is it too late to hope some pieces inspired by this collection hit Anthropologie come fall? Because my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this lookbook.

Inside, a lookbook worth dreaming of. What’s your afternoon delight today?

Note: All photos below are from See the full Valentino Pre-Fall 2014 lookbook here.
Could you imagine waiting for the train or subway in this cape?
On a chilly winter day, coffee in one hand…
Love the details on this piece such as the way the wing tips depress the fabric.
The feathered collar gives this dress an extra touch of whimsy.
Strongly dislike the shoes here.
The back is amazing too!
I’d wear a dress like this in a heartbeat, especially if it were a v-neck.
The sleeves! Oh the sleeves, so ridiculous and perfect.
Even though I’d look slightly nutty walking down the street in this dress,
it would be absolutely worth it.
I do like to pair my extra fuzzy coats with butterfly brocade.
Butterfly Embroidered Dress (long-sleeve version here)
Everything about this shot gets me! The backdrop! The shoes!!! The DRESS!!!
The panel embroidery on this dress is amazing.
The neckline looks impossible for mere mortals.
How I would die to wear this dress to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island…
How the designers would die if I did.
Now this is a piece I could really see Anthropologie emulating.
A gorgeous wool jacket plastered with butterflies.
How about butterflies, in gold, on a gown?
Regal beauty in dress form.

Everything is relative of course. This is a brand after-all where a “graphic tee” costs $950. (Suddenly $68 seems like a drop in the bucket.) It’s wonderful to admire the craftsmanship, detail work and whimsical ideas behind this Valentino collection. There’s a joy here that has been missing from clothing lately which I’m delighted to see returning.

Most of these items are not online anywhere yet — or they may never be online. Such luxury often goes in-store only. Part of what I love about living in New York City is being able to walk through a Barney’s or a Bergdorf Goodman to appreciate clothing like this up close. I feel inspired just looking at these clothes!

Now, Anthro, about that eagle cape you see above…

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