Lunch Break: Crop Tops

A brief history of crop tops: one time a fashion designer was working on a beautiful top. So immersed in his work that he forgot to eat for several days, his assistant brought him a meal and forced the designer to eat. Afraid to step away from his work and lose inspiration, the designer ate next to the dress form. To his horror a drip from his meal ended up on the bottom of his fantastical design. With buyers on the way it was too late to remake the top so he simply cut off the damaged part.

When the buyers arrived they loved this dramatic new silhouette. The fashion designer was incredulous — it’s not even half a shirt, he said! No worries, said the buyers, consumers will buy anything.

I doubt crop tops are long for this world but they are already on the streets of NYC in a big way. (On the warm days anyway.) Inside, 25 crop tops that caught my eye like Clover Canyon’s Swirl Scarf Crop ($198, above, also here).


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The ideal way to wear a crop top is with a skirt that hits right at or just below the waist. Ideally you want about an inch or so separation between the top and the skirt, unless you have a small chest in which case it’s OK to widen the gap a bit. Another option is to wear a crop top and a matching skirt in the same pattern, a la this look from Anthropologie.

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