Celebrate EA’s 5th Blogiversary with an amazing contest!!!

Effortless Anthropologie turns 5 today!!! To celebrate and thank you for your comments, participation in this community and following along I’ve partnered with one fantastic brand to launch a pretty sweet giveaway. Who’s the partner? Like you even have to ask.

This one’s pretty big.

Anthropologie. My favorite brand. Probably yours too, or one of yours, since you’re here.

With the recent cold snap in New York City and the year entering its final quarter I’m feeling pretty festive. You might even say I’m getting into that holiday mood. I hope you are too! Because this contest is all about what you love for the holidays. Share your holiday wants and wishes with the community and you can win an amazing prize!!!

Effortless Anthropologie has teamed up with Anthroplogie to offer one lucky community member a $1,000 Anthropologie shopping spree during a personal styling appointment with Christina, Anthropologie’s Head Personal Stylist!!

That’s right. Someone in this community’s getting a Personal Styling appointment with a $1,000 Anthropologie shopping spree. 

My jaw hit the floor when Anthropologie responded to the contest proposal. I’m touched by their generosity and thrilled they are helping to recognize the amazing EA community! And I’m just a little excited for the winner. AKA there will be party hats and confetti and maybe streamers and a Sousa band.

Christina, Anthropologie’s Head Personal Stylist

The personal styling appointment with Christina and shopping spree can be online so you do not have to live near an Anthropologie store to enter. However, please make sure you read through the terms & conditions completely to make sure you’re eligible before entering.

Raring to go? I know you are. Let’s get down to business.

Here’s how to enter:
In the comments on this post or via email to the EA contest inbox tell the community what your top holiday wants and wishes are! Feel free to link directly to products or share photos of them.

You can gain up to two additional contest entries:
— Share this contest on Twitter using the hashtag #EAblogiversary OR sharing the contest on Facebook. Please mention @roxyturtle if you do a Facebook share. If your tweets or Facebook account are protected I’ll need a screenshot.
— Share this contest on your blog, tumblr OR instagram account. Email me or put a link in the comments once your post is up.

You MUST be an EA follower to enter. The maximum number of entries per person is 3.

Terms & Conditions: You are entering to win  one (1) $1,000 USD shopping spree at Anthropologie as part of a personal styling appointment with Christina, Anthropologie’s Head Personal Stylist. By entering this contest you agree to schedule your personal styling appointment within fourteen (14) days of accepting the prize and to write up your experience for a future post on Effortless Anthropologie within fourteen (14) days of your personal styling appointment  The winner must disclose their name, a description of their experience and the items they purchase during their personal styling appointment in a guest post on Effortless Anthropologie. This contest is sponsored by the Effortless Anthropologie blog; the contest prize will be fulfilled by Anthropologie. Anthropologie employees may not enter this contest. Effortless Anthropologie was not compensated for sponsoring this contest. USA/Canada entries only. This contest is void where prohibited. This prize is not transferable and may not be combined with any other promotion, discount or special offer. This prize may not be exchanged for cash. Once contacted by email from snapsparkchik@gmail.com, the winner has 72 hours to claim the prize. Incomplete entries or submissions which fail to meet the contest requirements will not be considered.

This contest runs from 3 PM ET Monday, October 28, 2013 to 5 PM ET Sunday, November 3, 2013. The winner will be announced on or around Tuesday, November 5, 2013. 

Of course in real life everyone wants world peace, goodwill towards all humankind and charity among neighbors for the holidays. Perhaps you are hoping for good health for a relative or yourself. But in the spirit of lightness and the purpose of this blog as a shopping blog your entries can be as fun and fanciful as you like! No need for seriousness, no need for modesty. Have a good time and escape into your holiday wish list!!

Wondering what my holiday wants and wishes look like? Here’s a few. First, if Christina was my Personal Stylist for the day there are some Anthropologie items on my wishlist I’d love to get her ideas on.

As fun as it is for me to put together outfits myself it’s even more fun when someone else comes in and shows me ideas I never would have thought of! When I visit Anthropologie stores to do reviews I often ask that store’s personal stylists for ideas about items and when I’m in the mood to haul nothing’s better than having a personal stylist there to help me assemble outfits and pick which items to buy on that trip. If you’d like to make an appointment with Christina outside of this contest it’s free and super easy! And highly recommended.

Aside from clothing I’ve got some festive home goods on my wishlist too. Some inspiration got me going…

Ever since I saw this amazing display above at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie all I can think about is frosted flutes and glasses with mercury candle jars adorning any and every shelf in my apartment. So it’s no wonder that the Mini Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle ($12) assortment is on my wishlist, or that the Horta stemware assortment ($12/each) is also occupying a spot on my holiday must-haves. 

Did someone say Paris? The City of Lights has been on my mind ever since visiting last year, and Anthropologie has a whole collection of gift ideas to satiate me and my like-minded friends. Paris In The 1920s ($195) is the perfect gift for a friend who loves that era while we all discuss Paris Street Style ($24.95) so often it’d be a crime not to give this to someone in my group. For my crafty friends it’ll be Paris: An Inspiring Tour of the City’s Creative Heart ($27.50) under the menorah or tree and for the cooks I’m thinking The Little Paris Kitchen ($35) or Le Petit Paris ($19.95). And because I’m a sentimental fool, I’m hoping someone might give me a copy of Madeline And The Old House In Paris ($17.99). It’s one of my favorite books.

Good luck to everyone and THANK YOU Anthropologie for helping EA celebrate its 5th Blogiversary! Ready, set, enter now!!

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