Reviews: Handpainted Naranjito Top, Lace Pathways Dolman, Carmela Patchwork Tank, Brentwood Denim Tee, Astor Top, Shadow Bloom Top, Ravenna Lattice Anorak

A top that plays with shadow and light. The Shadow Bloom Top ($98), reviewed.

In my rush to get through all the dresses I’ve tried on lately I’ve ignored the other goods Anthropologie sells. But no longer! In this reviews set, tops and one anorak get a closer look.

Handpainted Naranjito Top ($148) by Rachel Rose, size up
Style #: 28058485; orange (089)

The trick with the Handpainted Naranjito Top ($148) is this: it’s cut generously through the shoulders and back but really, really slim down at the bottom hemline. I look at the top on me and then on the website model and wonder if it’s the same top. It is, just one of us is shaped like a model. (Guess which one.) Back in June the Chelsea Market store was carrying a full size run of this top. I delighted in the opportunity to try it on! On the hanger this handpainted silk tee is gorgeous. The citrus print looks three-dimensional, as though it’s floating on the white background. The pattern doesn’t match up at the seams and the print is different on each top. That makes buying this online really tricky! Look at the top I got, with the weird waxing moon of an orange right up against the neckline. That was “handpainted”?

I tried on my usual size medium and it’s a Frankenstein fit on me. The top part is much too loose. My shoulders are not where the top’s shoulders are sitting. But down at the bottom, the hem was so tight across my hips that I could barely shimmy it down. I’m not sure there’s a way to win here. The top appears to be cut straight online so I’m not sure if I got one where the security sensor caught a lot of fabric or what. But this doesn’t fit my curves at all.

Pretty print, pretty terrible fit on me. Good luck curvies! Better for straight shapes I think. Pass.

Lace Pathways Dolman ($58) by Twig & Perch, size down
Style #: 28404192; black motif (009) or ivory (011)

Although the days are still nice and warm I’m starting to be bothered more by the difference between the pleasant outdoors and the really cold indoors. Fighting off that annoying summer cold would be easier with a top like the soft Lace Pathways Dolman ($58). The ivory version of this top is all solid so the circular pattern down the front and back blends in. On the black motif version I tried stripes make the details much more prevalent. I love the scoopneck and the way the sleeves want to sit right in the crook of your elbow, making your waist look tiny! This top is made from rayon and polyester. The black motif version is considerably thicker than the barely-there ivory version. Both are fun!

I reached for my usual medium but it’s very roomy. The sleeves are especially loose. I’d size down to a small to buy. I’m delighted by how long this top is — it hit me across the thighs, just above the widest part. The shirt is soft and sits on the body nicely. The hand wash care directions are a bummer but I suppose I’m just glad you can wash it, period! Air drying will keep it from warping or shrinking.

A pleasant shirt for an OK price. Haven’t bought this yet but it is wishlisted!

Carmela Patchwork Tank ($88) by Tiny, size down
Style #: 28219202; gold (070)

Tiny always has the cutest tops made from swatches of several fabrics. One of the latest variations is the Carmela Patchwork Tank ($88). This top has lace, sequins, and more lace and sequins. Underneath the outer shell is a thin rayon lining. I’m so relieved this top isn’t fully sheer. It is partially sheer though, up at the shoulders in both front and back. You’ll need a racerback bra with this.

I tried on both a medium and the small you see on me above. I think the small was better. I’m glad Anthropologie is getting away from the super flowy tent shapes its tanks had last year. This one is sorta flowy but very workable. In the front the scoopneck hits at the perfect spot. The top comes down to low hip, but I wish it were another inch or two longer. I like my tanks long. Super long! The patchwork is the same on every top so there’s no worrying about pattern placement. The back has a solid ivory rayon panel so there’s no side seam mismatch either.

A sparkly, fun tank top! And another one on the wishlist.

Brentwood Denim Tee ($88) by Cloth & Stone, size down
Style #: 27291400; sky (045)

I like nearly every top Cloth & Stone has done but I’m not so sure about the Brentwood Denim Tee ($88) . It’s a whole lotta denim and much like the Handpainted Naranjito top at the top of this set, it’s cut pretty big through the shoulders and pretty not-so-big through the hips and thighs. The fit is meant to be boxy and slouchy (think: work shirt). The rolled sleeves are meant to be set off by thin legging jeans and heels. But that doesn’t work so well on curves when there isn’t enough room through the hips. Instead of boxy and slouchy you get dumpy.

The medium was slipping off my shoulders so it’s down to a small I went. Meh. The sleeves are a little too long and angled for my liking. And the boxiness of the middle only works if the top is cut straight up and down, but this one seems to be a little tapered at the hips. I can’t make it work with my curves. On the positive side the denim is super, super soft and I love the split vent at the sides.

Softest fabric ever but the cut of this top didn’t work on me. Back to the rack.

Astor Top ($58) by Postmark, size up
Style #: 27725365; ivory (011), black (001) or red (060)

I think it’s funny how Anthropologie refuses to acknowledge existence of its Postmark brand, such that the items never have a brand listed on their product page. In general the brand churns out cute items so I’m not sure why all the secrecy! The latest item I tried from this in-house line is the Astor Top ($58), a great work option that fits a little differently depending on which color you choose.

The tops are cotton, spandex and polyester. That makes them a little nubby, a little huggy and a little snuggy. I reached for the ivory version because it seemed like it would be the coolest — this was back during the extreme heatwave of July. And down to the fitting room I went.

I tried on a medium and wow, was it tight! Hugging everything. The material is also kind of thin — you can see both my bra and the jeans as well as my pale skintone through the top. Yikes! I think a large would be a little more comfortable to move around in. I also tried on the red (no photos) and for whatever reason the medium in that color was fine. It also was not sheer. So, if you get the ivory be sure to size up but in the other colors you might be alright in your usual size.

This top is an excellent work option. Nicely done, Anthro! Please make the ivory opaque next time though.

Shadow Bloom Top ($98) by Dolan, size down
Style #: 28641926; ivory (011)

I wish I liked the Shadow Bloom Top ($98) more than I do. It’s got such a neat design with the mix of ivory and black embroidered flowers (the black ones are appliqued). The fit just needed a slight tweak to make it more lovable to me. It’s cut pretty much straight from shoulder to hemline, and this makes it rather rectangular. No semblance of a waist. And the rayon back seems like a cheap out to me.

Fitwise this top runs large like most Dolan pieces. I am in a small for these fitting room photos and it fit perfectly! I love the website shot with this top tucked into a long maxi, making it look like a dress. I’m a little dubious that the top is actually tucked in and not just pinned back. Over jeans it’s pretty cute too. I just wish there was some kind of cinch in the back to show off my waist a little.

I like the neckline and I love the design. If only there were a bit more shape. Wishlisted for reconsideration come sale time.

Ravenna Lattice Anorak (now $60) by Hei Hei, TTS
Style #: 28180891; grey (004)

Sorry the lighting on this review is off; the Upper East Side Anthropologie’s fitting rooms cast a weird yellow hue. Trust the color of the Ravenna Lattice Anorak (now $60) on the website — it is in fact a medium grey with green undertones. I’ve been waiting for Anthropologie to release an anorak like this. Very simple, but with a little twist. In this case the twist is the gorgeous floral panel on the back. I’ve wanted an anorak for a long time and I decided this was the one to take the plunge on. It was very hard to find in NYC but I eventually came across it uptown. It’s a nice medium weight with a large collar and there is a waist pull inside the jacket. It hits low hip.

I tried on both a medium and a large. I knew I wanted the jacket to be oversized but I couldn’t decide how much. With the help of a SA I chose the medium you see on me above. I’m wearing this on cooler afternoons over a pair of dark denim skinnies, flats and a simple white tee shirt. It looks great! I wish it had a removable hood because I am all about hoods, but otherwise no complaints.

I liked this anorak so much I bought it at full price! For $60 it’s a steal in my opinion.

Do you like what you see or do you wish Anthropologie was going in a different direction with its tops? Do you own any of these tops? If so, how do you style them?

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