Contest time! Show EA and @FCUK your funny face!!! #sketchtostore #funnyfaces

Ohh la la! Effortless Anthro has teamed up with French Connection for a fun contest and a secret prize! Are you ready to show off your funny face?

Sometimes life seems so serious. Yes we’re all adults and we have responsibilities — jobs, families, etc. But isn’t life really all about having a little fun? The longer I blog the more I’ve noticed that when I take this all really seriously it’s more work and less fun. But when I am relaxed and enjoying myself the posts flow freely, the community seems more into it and there’s an extra dose of fun with everything.

French Connection, aka FCUK, has a similar enjoy everything life has to offer ethos. The brand certainly pushes the envelope in their advertising and on their website, which often crosses into NSFW territory. What I really like about the brand is that they know who they are and they don’t try to be somebody else. How often have you felt pressured to be more likable, cooler, or maybe more serious or focused? The reality is that when you’re relaxed, your best self shines through!

Sometimes we bloggers get wayyyyy too bogged down in making sure we look perfect in every photo. And lord knows the concern trolls don’t help. At some point though it was really freeing to stop caring! If you post an ugly photo of yourself, so what? Laugh at it! You are beautiful and you know it. I would rather see people as they truly are then some airbrushed, Photoshopped, unreal photo. As it turns out, looking silly is fun. I love it when I come across a photo that’s perfect in its imperfection. A crooked smile. A dimple on the thigh. A hair blown astray by the wind. A silly face.

That’s where this contest comes in. Ever taken a photo of yourself and noticed that your smile is a little funny? Or that you look a little silly? Maybe your face is kinda funny? I know, I know, you probably asked the photographer to retake the photo, didn’t you? Well forget that! This contest is all about those outtakes, those honest moments when the camera captured you exactly as you are, funny face and all!

This contest is running differently than the typical EA contest, so please read the instructions carefully.

What’s the prize? Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now would it? But it comes from FCUK.

Here’s how enter:
1 – We want to see your funny face! Using the hastags #sketchtostore and #funnyfaces upload your funny face to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr. You MUST use the hashtags to have your entry count.
Creativity counts! You can make a GIF if you like (I have an example below), add details to your photo to make it funnier, whatever you like. There’s just one rule here: don’t take this too seriously!
2 – Your funny face photo must be of yourself. It’s fine to have more than one person in the photo, but you have to be in there! No finding random internet photos or using a photo that isn’t of you. It doesn’t have to be a recent photo. It could be from when you were a kid, or 10 years ago, or yesterday.
3 – You may enter multiple times. Please, no more than two entries per social media platform. The maximum number of entries is 8 per person.
4 – The winner will be chosen by me (roxy) and the prize will be fulfilled by French Connection.

You are welcome to link to your contest entries in the comments! It’s not necessary however. So long as you use the hashtags I will be able to find them! FCUK will also be spotlighting some of the entries on its Twitter and Facebook feed.

What kind of funny faces are we looking for? Well, here are some of mine:

Alright ladies, I’m so excited to see your funny faces! This contest runs from now until Sunday, September 1 at 5 PM ET.

The not-so fine print: You are entering to win one (1) secret prize from French Connection as described in this post. This contest is sponsored by French Connection (FCUK), however EA was not compensated for this contest. I just really wanted to work with them! This contest is not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters. This contest is void where prohibited. This prize is not transferable. This prize may not be exchanged for cash. Once contacted, the winner has 72 hours to claim the prize. International entrants welcome!

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