Anthropologie’s SALE is on sale: Take an extra 20% off sale items!

Coming just two days after the promotion started last year, Anthropologie has put its Tag Sale on sale! For a limited time take 20% off clothing sale items and select accessories (like sale shoes!) online and in-store!!

Anthropologie seems determined to make us insomniacs by sneaking this deal in today instead of yesterday or tomorrow. It’s not the 25% off sale items I was hoping for but it is something and that’s worth celebrating. If you were waiting on sale items to get this extra % off before pulling the trigger I wouldn’t wait any longer — I doubt any deeper % off is coming. Further cuts are always a possibility and I’ll see if I can drum up any hits about fresh cuts coming tomorrow.

The best place to start is your shopping cart — online sale stock is seriously dwindling! It’s too bad that once an item is sold out online the store locator also becomes unavailable on that item. If an item is out of stock in your cart best to call customer service at (800)-309-2500 to do a store search; their information will be updated as of Sunday June 30, 2013. You’ll need the online style # of the item you’re looking for to ask CS for a store search.

I’m sure many are wondering what this means for price adjustments (PAs) on previously purchased sale items. It’s too early right now for official word from Anthropologie but my educated guess is that you will be able to get PAs on your Tag Sale purchases so long as you’re within the 14 day window. For those with an online July birthday discount you will be able to stack the discount on top of this promotion because it’s automatically applied at checkout, no promo code required. However I’m guessing that in-store this will have to be manually keyed in so you won’t be able to use your birthday discount in-store. I’ll work to confirm this once business hours have started.

As of this writing there are no new sale cuts today and no new 2nd/3rd/etc cut; check out the fresh cuts from last week here on EA or Anthropologie’s site here. The big list of initial Tag Sale cuts lives here for clothing and here for shoes/accessories. Will you pull the trigger now that this extra % off sale has hit?

Here are some of my sale picks from the current assortment of items in-stock online as of this early morning writing:

AG Stevie Roll-Up Jeans (now $104), Style No. #26934166

Coralshine Dress (now $72, review), Style No. #26515890

Daphne Weels (now $80), Style No. #26881953

Diamond Pointelle Pullover (now $32), Style No. #27327402

Embroidered Aureolin Tunic (now $56, review), Style No. #27224831

Isabelline Jacquard Top (now $40, review), Style No. #27445261

Novelty Collar Tee (now $35, review), Style No. #27200245

Orissa Menagerie Dress (now $40, review), Style No. #27292473

Paisley Pencil Skirt (now $56, review), Style No. #26945857

Ruled & Ruched Sweetheart Top (now $32, review), Style No. #27279595

Sailaway Circle Skirt (now $32, review), Style No. #26814475

Seaside Blouse (now $56), Style No. #27301522

Sprigstitch Top (now $32, review), Style No. #27225846

Sunstream Eyelet Dress (now $64, review), Style No. #26851055

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