Reviews: Pieced Lace Top, Ring True Shell, Sprigstitch Top, Pilcro Hyphen Relaxed Jeans, Terra Ikat Blouse, Phenomena Embroidered Tank, Tiled Swing Tank

The Pilcro Hyphen Relaxed Jeans ($118), too tempting to pass up.

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This is actually a tops review set with one detour into jeans. I love everything I tried on in this post though not everything worked on me. Way to blow the budget, Anthropologie!

Pieced Lace Top ($68) by Meadow Rue, size down
Style #: 27564210; red (060), navy (041), white (010)

The Pieced Lace Top ($68) looks completely different in every color. So much so that every time I saw it I was initially sure it was a different shirt. I eventually tried on this red version, though the navy and white are equally cute.

It’s a cotton top that’s somewhat thick for summer. The embroidery on the shoulder and bust is heavy and weighs the shirt down. And for whatever reason this top is longer in back than the front. As far as I could tell all three versions of this top are opaque which is great. There’s a low scoop neckline that reveals just a tiny hint of what lies underneath. I am in a small for the photos above which is already one size down from my usual medium. I’d go down again to an extra small because the shoulders and back were very loose in the small.

This seems like a cute casual top albeit one that’s surprisingly thick for summer. Multi-season top? Why not. Wishlisted. The shorts here are the Aglitz Brocade Shorts (now $60, review).

Ring True Shell ($98) by Maeve, TTS
Style #: 27587567; red motif (069)

As far as cute prints go a rotary telephone is pretty awesome. Say hi to the Ring True Shell ($98), an adorable sleeveless tie-neck blouse. Most of the phones are hung up awaiting calls but yes there are a few with receiver up that say ‘hello.’ Somewhat saccharine but it got me to smile! Below the tie neck is a 4-pleat tuxedo placket. The top is silk — the website says cotton too but I’m not sure about that.

There’s not much in the way of fit details so this top just falls straight from shoulders to hip. I felt fine in my usual size 6. The blouse was loose but the fit through the bust was good. I’d likely tuck this blouse in anyway.  This blouse isn’t sheer per se but anything dark underneath (like, say, jeans) will show through.

Cute as can be and work appropriate. Gets a yay from me! Wishlisted!

Sprigstitch Top ($78) by Tiny, TTS
Style #: 27225846; red motif (069) or green motif (038)

Tiny’s Sprigstitch Top ($78) has a super cool design, especially in the red motif version, but is sheer in the front because…I have no idea why. It made me groan. You have to wear a laying cami underneath this to wear it? Annoying. But I think the design is fun enough that I’m willing to look past it.

The top has a split collar with a button placket. The placket is the same material as the back, while horizontal embroidery stacks down the front. If this is a little too much going on the green motif has a solid placket and back. Made from cotton in the back and rayon in the front, the top is lightweight. Perfect for summer — I could see wearing this tied over a cute sundress.

Tiny tends to be consistent in sizing and this top continued that trend. I was happy in a medium. There’s not much in the way of fit details on the top but I did notice the waist seemed to contour to my body. It’s slightly shorter at the sides but easily clears the waistline. You could tuck this in or wear it out.

Needing a layer underneath is a downer. Still I like this top a whole lot. It too is on my wishlist.

Pilcro Hyphen Relaxed Jeans ($118) by Pilcro, size down
Style #: 26460030; millie (091) or dulcie (093)

This is usually the part where someone asks me what jeans I’m wearing so I suppose it makes sense to just review the Pilcro Hyphen Relaxed Jeans ($118) now. Rolled jeans and a tank top is one of my favorite summer looks. Add wedge heels and I’m set.

These jeans are strange. They are called “relaxed” and are supposed to have a boyfriend fit. They do not, at least not at first. There’s also a pair called the Pilcro Hyphen Distress Jeans ($128) which are different than these jeans even though these jeans are also distressed and man I’m confused. The only difference I can see is the price. I’m not a big fan of whiskering on jeans but it’s not too bad here. The legs are darker at the side than they are in the middle. Every pair at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie (NYC) was rolled up. I assume they come this way.

Anyway, the thing about  Pilcros is that they stretch out a ton with wear. So while they started off close-fitting I’ve no doubt they’d be relaxed by the end of the day. And probably falling off my waist if my other Pilcros are any indication. It’s the spandex. Why did all retailers decide that it was good to put spandex in jeans? I’d much rather go up a size for a pair of pants that fits the same at the beginning of the day as it does at the end of the day.

I’m in a 30 for the shots above which is my usual jean size now in pretty much everything except J Brands. Pilcros run big though so I’d go down to a 29 to buy. If you are between sizes go with the smaller size because these will stretch. I like the higher rise on these pants though I know some people will not like that when you sit down the back of the jeans pull away from the body. I also like that these jeans go up to a size 33.

I like the way these look but it’s hard for me to vouch for jeans that stretch out so much. On sale I’d consider these. Wishlisted til then.

Terra Ikat Blouse ($128) by Laurel, TTS
Style #: 27575059; multi (095)

Cute online, weird in real life. This is the Terra Ikat Blouse ($128). The colors and print are just as gorgeous in person though the placement varies from top to top. Online it looks like the bottom hem comes up in a triangle at the center but that doesn’t happen in real life. There’s a waist tie and a deep v-neck that’s too deep for the work day in my opinion.

I’m not exactly sure what to say about the fit. It was certainly off. I tried on my usual 6 which was comfortably loose. But the top didn’t look right. Too much bunching at the shoulders, weird hem issues, bunchy midsection.

Tis a shame that such a beautiful pattern does not live on a wearable top. I’m sure this will look great on some people but I do not fall into that category. Back to the rack.

Phenomena Embroidered Tank ($78) by A Common Thread, size down
Style #: 26881581; blue motif (049)

The Phenomena Embroidered Tank ($78) has a beautiful pattern with a complimentary bib. Better yet, there’s fit! This top is cinched through the body which means it nips in at the waist and hugs the hips. Yay! I’m so used to a-line tanks that make my hourglass disappear or body-hugging tanks that accentuate the curves too much. This lands right in the middle and it’s pretty much perfect.

I got the best fit in a small, one size down from my usual. Online the top looks like one continues panel but it’s actually several panels worked together to get that body-skimming fit. So there are mismatches at the seams. Didn’t love that. But I can’t complain about much else. The top is nice and long, hitting me below the hip. The tank straps are thinner than they look online and cut in — a racerback bra would be best.

I adore this top! It’s my favorite in this set. At $78 it seems a little steep though so I’m waiting for sale. Hmm, maybe I should have given this a bad review instead so it would get marked down quickly…

Tiled Swing Tank ($78) by Weston Wear, size down
Style #: 27866474; blue motif (049)

I don’t know why but navy and white together is one of my favorite combinations. I prefer more navy and less white, like the bottom of the Tiled Swing Tank ($78). The top is also cute but less appealing to the eye for me. This super-swingy top has an oversized feel, especially in front. Great for maternity, challenging on larger busts where the top just falls and can make you look pregnant even if you’re not. The square-on-white pattern goes down a little further in the back than the front. This top is shorter at the sides than the center. It’s made from polyester.

I advise sizing down. I’m in a small here and I’d probably size down again to an extra small. It looked cute over the Hyphens I was sporting but very swingy and loose. At its longest point the top was hitting low hip; on the sides it’s more like high hip. The back cuts in slightly at the shoulder which left my bra strap showing.

Comfortable and loose, great for those super-hot summer days. Wishlisted but waiting for sale.

Have you tried on any of these tops? What do you think of Anthropologie’s in-house Pilcro brand? What items would you like to see reviewed next?

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