Hey Effortless Anthropolgie readers! I’m Ashley over at Spotted on TV and I’m back today with a piece about Pretty Little LiarsPretty Little Liars returned for season four earlier this week, and in honor of its latest season’s debut I thought I would share my favorite Anthropologie pieces that the “liars” wore in season three.

When I was dating my husband and he was working 80 hours a week I developed a small addition to ABC Family and that is how I found myself watching Make it or Break It, Greek, and of course Pretty Little Liars.

All the main characters tend to wear a few Anthropologie pieces each season so I decided to focus on the entire cast this time instead of specific character.

1.  Hanna in episode 14 wears the Anthropologie Flocked Cobalt Dress and I was instantly jealous I didn’t own it.  It is one of those items I still look for on ebay occasionally to see if it pops up in my size.  You can check out my original post here.

2.  For being a dead girl Alison wears a lot of clothing that were released after her murder. In episode 18 she wore the Anthropologie Akebono Halter Dress and the Anthropologie Fisherman’s Knot belt, which is hard to pinpoint in the picture below.  Check out my original post here.

3.  Emily doesn’t dress up very often, but when she does she sure does bring it!  In the season 3 finale Emily wears the Anthropologie Goldleaf Cocktail Dress.  Too bad she wasn’t wearing it to a real party, but a trap. What a waste of a pretty dress!  Check out my original posting here.

4. Spencer’s entire outfit here is adorable but I love the shift dress that she is wearing.  In the season finale she wears the Anthropologie Looking Glass Shift.  I think I may be a little too old now to pull off the open sleeve look, but Spencer can sure pull it off.  Check out my original post here.

She is also wearing the Anthropologie Scarf-Cinched Cloche with this outfit.  You can check out my original post here.

5.  The Anthropologie Coral Lace Dress was actually was worn in the first half of season three by Spencer, but it still one of my favorite Anthropologie pieces so I wanted to make sure to include it. Check out my original post here.

6. Bonus Pick (because I couldn’t narrow it down to just five):  I never thought I would catch Emily in ruffles but she looks adorable in the Anthropologie Arched Careena Dress.  Check out my original post here.

You can check out all my Antropologie post here and catch everything the “liars” have worn here.

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