Reviews: Rose Bramble Sundress, Passionflower High-Low Dress, Cherry-Drop Sheath, Yvette Lace Dres, Lonoke Lace Dress, Sonja Lasercut Dress

Dresses take another spin through the reviews whirl. 
In this set, the Cherry-Drop Sheath ($148) and more.

I have plenty of dresses left in the review hopper. Let’s take a look at some more of Anthropologie’s latest frocks!

Rose Bramble Sundress ($158) by Girls From Savoy, TTS
Style #: 26863282; green motif (038)

Note: If you’re wondering my sizing measurements/height/etc, they’re detailed on this page.

The Rose Bramble Sundress ($158) looks entirely different in real life than the washed-out version on Anthropologie’s website. And while it’s way cuter at first sight — on the hanger too — it’s not so fun to wear. A silk shell is layered over a polyester lining. The shell is very shiny yellow-green with flowers in tones of yellow, red, and blue. There’s a back zip and stretch panels on each side. In the front, soft cups outline the spot where your chest should hit. The dress spills down to right across my knees. I’m 5’8″ for reference.

I tried on my usual size 6. I know most of the product reviews online say to size down, but there’s no way a 4 would have worked on me. The 6 had plenty of its own issues. First, the cup shape on the bodice isn’t big enough to go over a D cup properly. Secondly, the straps on the dress were far too long on me and there’s no way to adjust them. So the dress hung lower than it should have and the bodice wasn’t giving me enough coverage.

Suffice to say I wasn’t a fan of this frock. It promptly went back to the rack.

Wear it with: the Beaded Rosewater Belt ($48), the Bowline Belt ($48), the Shoreline Scallop Cardigan ($78) in any color except dark orange.

Passionflower High-Low Dress ($168) by Leifsdottir, size down
Style #: 27300573; blue motif (049)

Leifsdottir has a few hi-low dresses right now. Yesterday I tried on the Akela Swing Dress ($188, review) and today’s subject is the Passionflower High-Low Dress ($168). I love the bold floral pattern set on cobalt blue! While I love the pattern placement on the model’s dress online my dress left something to be desired.

The dress is silk with a shorter poly lining and cleverly hidden side pockets. So cleverly hidden I almost didn’t notice them! I tried on a size 6 which was ginormous on me. I like the loose breezy feel of the dress but I hate how it spills down straight from the bust, making me look about 4 months pregnant from the side. At least with the higher waist seam it would work as maternity wear! From the front however the dress is really cute, and I think sizing down would help with the oversized zest somewhat. I was pleased that the shorter front hem came to my knees but the back hem was a little long for my taste.

I do like my summer dresses roomy. I wouldn’t invest in this dress at full price though. Perhaps on sale though? Wishlisted for reconsideration at sale time.

Wear it with: the Gem Drop Necklace ($38), the Idalia Sun Hat ($58), the Gavie Sandals ($200).

Cherry-Drop Sheath ($148) by Leifnotes, TTS
Style #: 27302744; blue motif (049)

The Cherry-Drop Sheath ($148) benefits from a cute print and an open back that almost conceals a bra. Though it is a sheath the designers did a great job of accounting for curves, such that the dress hugged me in all the right spots with only a couple of fit flaws. It’s impossible to design for everyone of course so I think they did a wonderful job for us curvy gals. The pattern on this dress does not vary from dress to dress which is a good thing! It’s available in both regular and petite sizing.

Some unholy mix of cotton, spandex and viscose lining compose this dress. I have to admit the spandex is a good idea for accommodating the different curves we each have. I grabbed my usual 6 and found the fit almost perfect. I think the scoop neck comes down too low for day certainly and leaves me a little uneasy for night too. The upper back strap has a cute bow on it but didn’t fully conceal my bra. This can be worked around with a different bra but do take note you’ll want one with a thinner band.

One other quibble. The side zipper on the skirt doesn’t come all the way up. It stops a little before the top of the skirt. I think this looks strange! It’s something you won’t notice unless you’re up close.

This dress is pretty and fun. It makes me a little uncomfortable though, so likely a pass for me. Recommended for others!

Wear it with: the Marlene Peep-Toes ($240), the Galena Cardigan ($98), the Tethered Pointelle Cardigan ($88).

Yvette Lace Dress ($148) by Isabella Sinclair, size down
Style #: 27803121; ivory (011)

The Yvette Lace Dress ($148) is the kind of dress I could imagine Alexa Chung, or Rooney Mara (on her off day) or perhaps Keira Knightley rocking. Tall, lithe wisps, all of them. How would this dress fare when faced with curves? Pretty well as it turns out. The dress is chantilly lace exterior topped by a cute black collar with a polyester lining. Hilariously just like the online reviewer I found my dress’s slip was backwards. And due to the store sensor I couldn’t turn it around. Be aware that the back of the slip is much lower, hence the barely chest-clearing pose in these photos.

I tried on a medium and it was generously roomy everywhere. I’d size down to a small to buy. The dress ends up looking like a nightgown on me, but a really nice one! The right accessories could make this work or day or night-ready. This dress falls to the knees which makes me happy. It’s quite and very easy to just throw on.

A pretty lace dress that will need the right accessories. On my wishlist, waiting for sale.

Wear it with: the Stacked Pachyderm Necklace ($38), the Crystal Dewdrop Necklace ($38), the Voila Woven Ballerinas ($58).

Lonoke Lace Dress ($288) by Anna Sui, TTS
Style #: 26768473; neutral motif (015)

Anna Sui! I’m a huge fan of the brand and delight in seeing her stuff at Anthropologie. The Lonoke Lace Dress ($288) is breathtaking in person. I love the neckline with its soft scallops of lace and the lace shape itself. I don’t mind the shoulder finials but I have to admit the waist detail looks a bit cheap. I like the idea of it but the execution falls just short. I always pictured myself getting married in a dress like this, or maybe wearing it to the rehearsal dinner.

In the past I’ve found Anna Sui for Anthropologie to run large. This dress was fine in my usual size 6. The skirt hits me at the knees while the tank-style top is balanced perfectly by the deep v-neck. Deep, but not revealing. The waist detail is also a sash which helps to define your shape. It’s fully lined. I had full range of movement and the dress didn’t bunch too badly when sitting.

A lovely, lovely dress. I would most likely need an event for this piece so it’s just wishlisted to adore from afar for now.

Wear it with: The Alfazema Bow Peep-Toes ($168) — also available via Nordstrom; the Feather Gemmed Necklace ($38); the Izabel Mini-Wedges ($176). 

Sonja Lasercut Dress ($228) by Anna Sui, size down
Style #: 27581651; black (001)

Anthro may claim the Sonja Lasercut Dress ($228)  is an online exclusive but I found a full size run waiting at the Chelsea Market Anthropologie last week. Not that I’m complaining! The website also claims this dress is made in the USA. That would be wonderful if it’s true! (Typically Anna Sui for Anthropologie has been imported from China. That’s why I’m dubious.)

The dress itself starts with a creamy beige lining upon which a nylon lasercut shell is placed. I think the top shell design is very cool. It’s a little hypnotic in certain spots, no? I’m tempted to wear this on my next date just to see my guy’s reaction. Grabby hands? I’m unsure. Anyway, there’s a defined waist band and wavy patterns balanced by the aforementioned oval medallions. The dress is very lightweight and is accessed via a back zip. The back comes all the way up to the neckline, making it helpful if you have a partner to help with that zipper.

I ended up between sizes with the 4 you see on me slightly better than the 6. The 4 was a little tight at my waist but the 6 felt droopy because it was too big. If you’re also between sizes I recommend going down. This dress hit me about an inch above my knees, with a simple scoopneck that hits an inch or two below the collarbone.

Beautiful frock with hypnotic potential. Wishlisted!

Wear it with: the Leopard-Spotted Skinny Belt ($38), the Last Minute Wedges ($110), the Cacholong Geo Pendant ($208).

What do you think of the dresses in this reviews set? Have you tried or purchased any of these? How would you style them?

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