Hey Effortless Anthropolgie readers!  I’m Ashley over at Spotted on TV and today I wanted to share my love of Hart of Dixie and their love for Anthropologie with you guys!

Hart of Dixie has easily become one of my favorite shows.  I started watching it because they were using the same set as Gilmore Girls (and I missed the show terribly). I kept watching it because being from a
small southern town I can relate to more of the show then I care to admit, but my favorite part of the show has easily become the clothes!

My favorite character is southern belle Annabeth Nash played by Kaitlyn Black.  Many of you who may watch the show may have picked up that her wardrobe is primarily Anthropologie with a dash of Kate Spade and I’m here to share with you guys my favorite Anthropologie pieces that Annabeth Nash has worn this TV season.  Most of these pieces have since sold out since the show aired but if you follow the links for the original posts you can find out if it’s on ebay.

1.  The Anthropologie Shadeflower Dress is my number one choice. I’m a girl who loves sundresses and the color combination makes this one of my favorite dresses that Annabeth has worn this season!  You can see my original post on this adorable sundress here.

2.  The Anthropologie Peter-Pan Paillettes Sweater comes in as my number two choice.  I don’t think I can ever pull off the peter pan collar look, but Annabeth pulls off this look wonderfully! You can see my original post on her sweater here.

3.  The Anthropologie Tangerine Flicker Dress ranks as my number three choice.  I may be also brunette,  but I can not pull off orange like Kaitlyn Black.  You can see my original post on her bright orange dress here.  I also love the necklace that she wears with this dress.

4.  The Anthropologie Basque Floral Dress is my number four choice.  I’m actually surprised I don’t own this piece myself (you may also recognize the dress because Quinn has worn it on Glee).  You can see my original post about this fun floral dress here.

5. The  Anthropologie Leopardlily Gold Red Floral Patchwork Jacket comes in at number five.  I actually didn’t recognize this jacket as an Anthropologie piece but I was in love with it!  So I actually sent Kaityln Black a tweet to see if there was a small chance she would respond and let me know what store it was from. I was completely surprised and delighted when she actually tweeted me back to let me know that the jacket was from Anthropologie.  Check out my original posting about her jacket here.

Click here for more of Anthropologie finds. For more Annabeth’s fashion click here.  Come visit me over at Spotted on TV to see lots more Anthropologie featured on our favorite TV shows!!

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