Guest Post by Danielle: Eye Candy: Anthropologie’s new Lincoln Park store!

Hello fellow EA readers! My name is Danielle and I have been an Anthro addict ever since I relocated to the States from England six years ago. I was so relieved to discover this blog shortly afterward, as it confirmed to me that I wasn’t a complete nutcase for obsessing over Anthro (like my friends’ meaningful stares seemed to be suggesting), but that there were others out there like me! This is my first time writing a blog post so please bear with me, as well as with my not-so-professional photography!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the opening of our new Chicago store, in the Lincoln Park area. Rather scarily/luckily, it is about 2 blocks from where I work (read: more meaningful stares from well-meaning friends and colleagues). We were allowed to bring a plus one so I invited my lovely friend Lauren.

Danielle on the Handwoven Odette Chair ($998).

Lauren in blue Pleated Ponte Dress.

The outside of the store is a beautiful salmon pink – it really brightens up a cold and wintery-feeling Chicago. Inside was the calm serenity and familiar Capri blue smell we know and love, coupled with beautifully and artfully dressed SAs wafting by with platters of delicious hors d’oeuvres (I sampled roast beef on a thin slice of baguette – delish). A DJ was mixing some tunes in a corner. Lauren and I had a little wander around before we spotted a small line forming – it must be the cocktails and canapé station!

An SA serving guests wearing the Songbird Circle Skirt ($128),  
Pointelle Perk Cardigan ($78), and the Tri-Tone Pom Scarf ($48).

We were treated to Moscow Mule cocktails in Mason jars (our British friends haven’t quite caught on to this trend), mini cupcakes and cheese and crackers.

Cheese and crackers on the Aurelia Platter ($68).

There were opportunities for some fantastic people watching – note these inspiring-ly well-dressed guests.

Some of the well-dressed guests.

The new store is cozy and intimate, all on one floor. There was a reasonably sized sale room at the back, with a few Home sale items already laid out. There seemed to be a good mix between clothes (at the front of the store), home (back of the store) and accessories.

bottom photo by Chicago

We are lucky enough to already have three B&Ms in Chicago; two downtown and one in the Lakeview area (about a 10 minute walk from where I live) as well as others in the surrounding Chicago-land area. Did we really need another store? It feels greedy, as I know that so many community members live miles if not hours away from their nearest store. Sorry, ladies, I wish I could share some of this Anthro love.

Neither Lauren nor I tried anything on. Lauren rather fancied the Jardim Lace Dress ($298, roxy’s review) for an upcoming Scottish wedding. Despite a few cute looking pieces. , there was nothing I ‘had’ to have. In fact, I’ve not bought anything from Anthro since Black Friday. Ha, those friends might have thought they had won, but I spy many a lovely beauty in the New Arrivals section – Anthropologie, I will be back!


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