Eye Candy: Soho NYC Anthropologie Spring 2013 Fashion Show


Anthropologie’s store Fashion Show season is in full swing. Last week I attended the Short Hills, NJ Anthropologie’s show and this week it was a quick subway ride to my home store, Soho, for their turn parading customer and staff models down the catwalk.

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On the left dress form: Fluorolace Scarf ($78), Stratus Buttondown ($68), 
Cora Patterned Trousers ($118).
On the right dress form: Open-Stitch Anchor Sweater ($118), 
Jacquard Fan Shorts ($98), Rambutan Necklace ($268).

As part of Manhattan’s below-the-numbered-streets shopping neighborhood that attracts the hip, the rich and the tourists equally, Anthropologie’s Soho location tends to carry the trendiest items. It features outfits that are stacked with accessories and play with proportion. Of course this being New York City the store also features outfits and items that tend to push the boundaries of quirk and pattern mixing. The expansive single-level store was Anthro’s first location in New York City and is housed in a former spice storage warehouse. (Most Soho buildings have a very cool history.) With my office just a few blocks away this is the Anthropologie store I frequent.

It was no surprise that the crowd for Thursday night’s event quickly filled. The store ended up taking about 50 extra RSVPs. I’m eternally grateful to Kelly from Anthropologie’s home office for helping me get on the list. I would have been very sad to miss out!

Walking down West Broadway from Spring St, I arrived to find a line up the sidewalk to get in to the store. There was an amateur comedian in line behind me who was (oh so loudly) trying to impress his date by throwing shade but just came off as a smug jackass. Luckily the line moved quickly and once inside we were directed to one of five staffers who took our coats, checked us in and gave us our raffle tickets. I quickly broke out my camera to take some ambiance photos.

Macarons and terrariums, because of course.

Midway into the store a long table was set up and stacked high with delights. Macarons, lollipops, wine, prosecco, water and Perrier were all available to guests. Attendees grabbed a bite and then drifted around the store to check out the latest arrivals. The NYC stores get up to 5 deliveries a week so there’s always something new in-store.

C. DeVone DJ’ed the event. Sugar Hill Gang’s “Apache” was playing as we arrived. I could not have asked for a better entrance song.

A staffer preps the runway for the show.

The runway was a long raised platform in the middle of the store. I love that it’s a raised catwalk — makes it much easier to see the outfits no matter which row of seats you’re in. The seats were in a U-shape around the runway about 5 rows deep. I set up behind the seats and felt really, really tall. Good for taking photos above people’s heads; potentially disastrous for anyone behind me.

In no time at all it was time for outfits! James, the store manager welcomed everyone. The crowd was downright electric. During the show there were plenty of whoops and cheers for the models. Clapping and photos too.

Let’s start the show…

Outfit #1: Mallorca Midi Dress (now $135), Cropped Denim Jacket ($128), 
Indrani Gem Sandals ($98), ??? necklace. 
Outfit #2: Split Dolman Tee ($48), Level 99 Linen Bermudas ($88), Helena Sandal ($120), 
Monforte Hat ($38), Elephant Salute Necklace ($138).
Outfit #3: Simone Denim Vest ($98), Blue Toile Jumpsuit ($168), Deirdre Lace Wedges ($168).
Outfit #4: Swirled Paisley Halter Dress (now $127), Hammer-Split Brass Cuff ($128).
Outfit #5: Bands & Blossoms Peplum Top ($98), Sateen Charlie Trousers ($98), 
Giltwork Pin-Fringe Clutch ($78), Dotted West Scarf ($118) worn as hair wrap.
Outfit #7: Patchwork Meadow Top ($88), Jacquard Fan Shorts ($98), Abbott Wedges ($188). 
Outfit #8: Bruna Dress (now $239, review), Brinjal Pendant Necklace ($58), 
Hammered Orbits Strand ($38), Archer Sandals ($69), Whippoorwill Floppy Hat ($38).   
Outfit #9: Popping Petals Scarf ($68), Lefkara Lace Dress (now $119, review), 
Nubuck Gladiator Wedges ($148).
I purchased the Nubuck Gladiator Wedges in mint. Love them! They run TTS.
The ankle closure is pretty narrow — just barely fit me. You’ll want to buy these in-store
if possible; the glue was showing on a couple of pairs I saw in the store.
Outfit #10: Tiered Habitual Shirtdress (now $119), Beaded Galicia Belt ($48), 
Jasper & Jeera Clutch ($68, not online), Trichromatic T-Straps ($128).
Outfit #11: Draped Wrap Sweater ($78), Venn Peplum Blouse ($88), AG Stevie Ankle Jeans ($158),
Abbott Wedges ($188), Pearly Strand ($58) x 2.
Outfit #12: Washed Chambray Buttondown ($88), Bejeweled Prima Belt ($48), 
Striped Empire Day Dress (now $79), ??? bag.
Outfit #13: Jardim Lace Dress (now $239, review), Checkerbead Belt ($48), Pico Flatforms ($148).  
Outfit #14: Leather Moto Jacket ($350), ??? dress, AG Stevie Roll-Up ($162), 
Monochrome Deco Pendant ($38), Prana Clutch ($128).
Outfit #15: Maha Silk Henley ($158), ??? pants, 
Swiftwing Pendant Necklace ($228), ??? wallet.
Outfit #17: Islington Pencil Dress (now $127), Korin D’Orsays ($148), ??? necklace.
Outfit #18: Striped Terry Blazer ($98), ??? shirt, Sateen Charlie Trousers ($98), 
Gwen Loafers ($88), ??? bag.

Outfit #19: Ribboned Quilotoa Dress (now $151), Bejeweled Prima Belt ($48), 
Handbeaded Flamingo Clutch ($68), ??? shoes.
Outfit #20: ??? top, Sparked Scarab Necklace ($448), Golden Racket Necklace ($38),  
AG Stevie Roll-Up ($162), Baka Cut Slingbacks ($168).

Outfit #21: Aurelian Brocade Dress (now $183), Viento Fringe Necklace ($438), ??? shoes. 
Outfit #23: ??? top, Alva Lace Pencil Skirt ($88, review), Sparked Scarab Necklace ($448), 
Morley Pouch ($168), Pico Flatforms ($148).

Which look is your favorite? My vote goes to Outfit #5! That Corey Lynn Calter blouse has my name on it.

After the runway show concluded, Christina from Anthropologie’s home office came out to chat up the crowd. As Anthropologie’s Head Personal Shopper, Christina had helped style the show and talked about some key trends for spring.

Guests were then free to mill about. I tried on a few items which will be reviewed next week. Better yet, I got to meet and catch up with several EA community members — always a blast!! Before running back to work for the late shift I snapped a few photos of staffers and attendees in Anthropologie:

Staffers in Anthro! The Marseille Pencil Dress (now $119).
Staffers in Anthro! The Elland Dress (now $90, review).
Staffers in Anthro! The Flared Anabelle Dress (an oldie).
Staffers in Anthro! Outfit #5 from the show: Bands & Blossoms Peplum Top ($98), 
Dotted West Scarf ($118) worn as hair wrap.
Attendees in Anthro! 
Left: Spacing on the name! Community, help me out.
Right: Dakota Shirtdress (now $70, review).
Attendees in Anthro!
The Devi Dress (now $199, review).
Models post show!
Left, Outfit #19: Ribboned Quilotoa Dress (now $151), Bejeweled Prima Belt ($48), 
Handbeaded Flamingo Clutch ($68), ??? shoes.
Right, Outfit #16: Eclipsing Silk Blouse ($98), Afternoon Safari Pencil Skirt ($118), 
Rambutan Necklace ($268), Hansel Heels ($158).

Thanks to the Soho staff for putting on a fantastic show! And thanks to Anthropologie’s home office and the amazing community team for the invite. Community, which looks do you love?

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