Eye Candy: Short Hills Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending one of Anthropologie’s (sorta) local Spring Fashion Shows out at the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey. Though one of the NYC stores was hosting a show on the same night I decided it would be fun to head out to a mall Anthropologie for a different take on the customer runway show. You can see the Upper East Side Anthro show I missed over on Alison from NYC Recessionista’s blog. Inside, all the looks from Short Hills plus some Eye Candy shots from the store.

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On the left dress form: Colorpom Tank ($68), 
Ping Embroidered Maxi Skirt ($168), Tabbed Leather Belt ($48).
On the right dress form: Calcada Tunic ($148), Golden Racket Necklace ($38).  

Short Hills is about 35 minutes west of my home in downtown Manhattan. Thanks to tunnel traffic I was a little late to the event, which was in full swing when I arrived. A large crowd had gathered in the back of the store, milling about between tables with drinks and treats. I immediately noticed a change from the city events — firstly, there were several young children milling about. Also, the crowd at the party seemed to mostly know each other! The teens were off in one or two groups chatting, the adults broken into several crowds catching up. It felt like a little community versus the NYC store events which are often full of introductions. Both are wonderful in their own way!

Short Hills Anthropologie Manager Jenn welcomes the attendees.
She is wearing the Darkbloom Dress ($238, review). 

Before long it was time for the show to start. The Short Hills store is probably a good mall-sized Anthropologie — the only other mall store I’ve been to is the Park Meadows store in Denver so I’m not an expert. In comparison to the sprawling NYC stores however it seems tiny. The store team did a fantastic job of setting up. The food and drinks were off in one “room” of the store while the runway was along the widest part of the store in back. Like any NYFW show the runway was flanked by about 7 rows deep of chairs. In the front row attendees had cameras, cell phones and even iPads out to take photos of the looks. Every seat had programs complete with the website name of every model’s outfit. Such a huge help and very smart for customers who maybe weren’t ready to buy that night but would want to from home.

The store was kind enough to allow me and two other photographers to set up at the end of the runway. The lighting was a bit tricky so these photos are darker than I’d like. But hopefully you’ll be able to see the outfits well.

Short Hills Anthropologie Personal Shopper Jennifer explains the show’s theme.
She is wearing a Yoana Baraschi dress that’s not online yet 
with the Bejeweled Prima Belt ($48).

The show was titled “In Bloom.” It had a very cool concept — not only were all of the models store customers, they were also related in some way. Mothers and daughters. Sisters. Friends. Etc. I thought that was very sweet! The models all had their makeup done by the mall’s Sephora and their hair done by the Hair Design School. All the teams did a great job.

Without further ado, let’s start the show…if you prefer you can watch as a slideshow on my flickr.

Model: Diane.
Model: Mary.
Model: Diana.

Model: Magda.
Model: Mary.
Model: Grace.
Model: Megan.
Model: Sharon.
Model: Lila.
Model: Hannah.
Model: Sarah.
Model: Marley.
Model: Brittani.
Model: Carrie.
Model: Cheryl.
Model: Ryanne.
Model: Beth.
Model: Skylar.
Model: Celeste.
Model: Claire.
Sailaway Circle Skirt ($148, review), Colorpom Tank ($68), Crowned Tassel Earrings ($128).
Love the Sailboat hairstyle!!
Model: Dolly.
Model: Sherry.

Fantastic job by all of the models! My favorite look is the last one because I’m in love with the Chroma Shadow Sheath ($168). After the show was over customers were free to mill about for another hour or so. The line for the fitting rooms was pretty crazy but the staff handled it efficiently and it didn’t take long before I was in a room. I tried on several items and will have reviews soon. I did end up buying something, though it wasn’t an item from the show. Just before closing I was perusing the glass jewelry display case and noticed a lonely looking Iced Fox Necklace. A necklace which, by the way, customer service said was sold out everywhere. They are such lying liars who lie!! Not only did the necklace come home with me but a delighted SA and I both discovered that it was on sale for $100. Hooray! You’ll see the necklace in my Reader Outfit tomorrow but here’s a sneak preview.

On the left dress form: Darkbloom Dress ($238, review), Florire Cutout Belt ($58).
On the right dress form: Pilcro Denim Jacket ($128), Grassland Embroidered Corset ($98), 
Level 99 Wide-Legs ($98).
In the foreground: Coin Cascade Pendant Necklace ($48), 
Belted Chambray Shirt Dress ($148), Florire Cutout Belt ($58).
On the front dress form: Pakpao Maxi Dress ($168)Tiago Corset Belt ($58). 

Thanks to Jennifer from the Short Hills Anthropologie for the invitation! I had a wonderful time and I’m thrilled to share the show with the EA community. Community, which look is your favorite? Is your local store having a fashion show too?


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